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Discover Coliving Spaces That Resemble Your Home.

Finding perfect coliving spaces in a new city can be tiring. If you are a new bird in the city, then say no more. Before you say I miss my home, hear us out. Cozy Stay offers you a complete co-living space with a hassle-free, cost-effective, and peaceful living experience, catering to individual needs. Now, no more worries about the hygiene or the amenities you might require, coz we got it all under covered.

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The Perfect
Dwelling Experience

Completing a decade in delivering peaceful co-living solutions, Cozy Stay focuses on revolutionising and reconfiguring the Co-living sector to better suit the youth of tomorrow. By offering a hassle-free instant move-in and a perfect dwelling experience, Cozy Stay is revamping the tales of obsolete hostel lives with elegant coliving spaces.

Corporates too are warmly welcome to have a pleasant stay while visiting the city for an official meet or just to unwind on a comfy bed. The corporates can easily log in with the IDs provided by us and are also given the option of making easy cancellations.

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One Month Security Deposit

The Comfort of Your Home

Living in a new city is very challenging for everyone and notably, if you’re a young person it will be quite scary as well. Missing your comforts of home, the warmness, the emotions and it is difficult to adjust. Worry no more because Cozy Stay helps you locate the optimal coliving spaces that add comfort and solace to your home by mirroring the amenities you call your own.

Fully Furnished

Attached Baths

Cozy Beds

Storage Spaces

Individual Work


Care Like a Mother

With the dream of creating a second home, we always aspire to make sure our residents feel comfy and cosy. Moving to the big city is a tiresome affair, and the thing you might miss the most is your mother’s care. We offer an array of amenities and necessities to make you feel at home and in the hands of your caregiver.


Common Cooking Area

Induction Stove & Bread Toaster

24*7 Housekeeping

A Healthy Stay

Amid a pandemic, we put extra care into the health of our residents while adhering to the regulation laid down by the World Health Organisation. We have carried out many efforts to ensure health and hygiene to provide maximum security for our guests.

Thermal Scanners on

Sanitisation of
Rooms & Beds



beat the

Fitness Centers

Fun Zone

Indoor Games

Cozy Community

Don't let your workload knock you down. Flush out the stress with our fun amenities and community-based events specially designed to relax and rejuvenate you. Just like a wise man once said, 'relaxation can fuel success in unimaginable ways'.

Secure like a Vault

We prioritise the safety of our guests and make their stay more secure. We even go above and beyond to ensure that our female guests are safeguarded from any kind of hindrance, so that they can have a peaceful stay at their coliving home.

CCTV Surveillance

In House Security Staffs

24*7 Caretaker Available

Digital ID card

IoT Enabled Property

The Cozy Experience is not one to be taken for granted. We've gone the extra mile to bring about IoT inclusions in the coliving space to provide state of the art features for our guests to enjoy. At the push of a button, request personal assistance, check-in and check out, payment of rent, IoT enabled Id card entry and, so much more. Why settle for less when you can get everything you want at the Cozy Stay?

Online Service


Online Monthly

Online Vacate

One Tap Solutions

Why wait for your needs to be addressed by a person? Simply, tap on your smartphone and have all your needs fulfilled. The exclusive AI-Powered Cozy Application will help you in booking rooms, paying rent, and requesting services at ease through the Cozy stay application.

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Live, Love & Laugh

Life is all about living to the fullest, loving every moment of your life and laughing out loud with your squad resounding every warm memory you recollected over the years. Indulge into the realm of comfort and relish in the comfort within.

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It is not always that your friend asks for help with a place to stay. Sometimes you gotta take the first step and refer Cozy Stay for your buddy. They too deserve to experience the luxuries of your favourite co-living space, don't they?

Refer today and you'll earn a new friend and some bucks to start that friendship with a bang.

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