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Why Coliving Spaces In Bangalore Are Safer Than Pgs to Live Post COVID 19

Dec. 31, 2021
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At last the lockdowns have come to an end, states have announced their unlock schedules, companies have asked their employees to return to work, and colleges and universities have begun to announce their reopening dates.


Yes, things are returning to normal.


Normal, however, does not signify old patterns, especially in living spaces.


Unorganized, crowded Pgs and accommodations lacking proper hygiene and maintenance are no longer attractive to the tenants.

Following the pandemic, the importance and preference for personal hygiene sparked people to reconsider their living spaces.

So far, the only solution they've found is coliving spaces.

Co-living spaces - What are they?




Coliving spaces are shared rental spaces with dedicated work zones, fun zones, and other great features that traditional pgs and accommodation did not provide.

Why are conventional PGs unsuitable for living after covid 19?




Typically, a typical PG accommodation would have more beds in a small space, requiring individuals to accustom to a crowded environment. It will put the social distance at risk, and you should not neglect it.

The usual pg requires a large number of touchpoints, such as a vegetable seller, a plumber, an electrician, and other such services, which raises the chances of transmission. While in coliving spaces all these services shall be provided on their own.

So, if hygiene and safety are crucial to you, you should go beyond typical Pg accommodations and consider Coliving places.

Let's take a look at how coliving spaces handle the safety and hygiene of their residents.

Social Distancing


Social distance


The first benefit of coliving spaces is the big rooms they provide, and the number of occupants in those rooms will be controlled in compliance with health authorities' guidelines. As a result, maintaining social distance is easier in coliving spaces.

True Sanitization




Sanitization does not simply mean the presence of a sanitizer at the point of entry, as is common in many places. Sanitizing the common touch points such as door handles, switches, and so on is an essential part of proper sanitization. Coliving spaces ensure the safety of the tenants by providing sanitizers in numerous locations.


Contactless Devices





Biometric attendance systems, for example, eliminate the need for touching in these locations. Regular temperature checks with thermal monitoring ensure your safety during these difficult times. Touchless devices, such as smart home accessories and voice-enabled devices, are mandated in many coliving spaces. These features are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity that traditional pgs lack.

Hygienic Staffs




Don't be concerned about the unsanitary and unresponsive staff in your previous Pg, All staff in coliving spaces will wear protective gear while on duty and will strictly maintain their hygiene. All staff members will be subjected to mandatory temperature checks regularly.

Community Living




This pandemic would undoubtedly have an impact on your mental health, so your stay should be relaxing and beneficial to your mental health. Coliving spaces' community living style ensures that you have enough fun to improve your mental health.

Private Rooms


private room


If you believe that staying alone suits you more than sharing a room, then you can opt for private rooms in coliving spaces. Private rooms are preferable for safety during these tough times. Moving from a shared room to a private room in a co-living space is much easier than in traditional pg accommodation. 


Safety measures





The coliving spaces in Bangalore are well-known for their various amenities, but due to the pandemic, some of these amenities are temporarily closed for the safety of their visitors. Common utensils, washing machines, are temporarily suspended. All of this proves how much they value the safety of their tenants, in contrast to the flawed pg accommodations.

We are amid a pandemic and understand the importance of personal hygiene. Coliving spaces prioritize hygiene by regularly sanitizing and cleaning their surroundings. When you move in, it offers you what you need to keep your hygiene on the premises. They have simplified their services through mobile applications. If you prefer, you can request private rooms and make the transition from a shared 'room' to a private room easier.

Key Takeaway


Yes, this is the time to overlook the typical PG accommodations and move to the best living places known as Coliving spaces. 



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