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What Are Studio Apartments? Pro's and Con's of Living In A Studio

Jan. 20, 2022
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Moving out of your parent’s house and living on your own is a huge decision that requires a lot of thinking and planning. With an ocean of choices out there, a small fault in your planning can cause miserable outcomes. 


If you have been planning well then a studio apartment might have crossed your mind several times. If you are living by yourself for the first time, and don’t have that much of a budget for a 1BHK apartment or a flat, but are not a fan of living in hostels and PG’s then studio apartments might be a great option for you.


Just like every luxury comes with its own share of downsides, knowing what you are getting yourself into is important to lead a happy and fulfilling life. 


So if you are wondering if a studio apartment is your cup of tea then keep on reading cause we will be breaking down everything you need to know about studio living. 

What are Studio Apartments?

If you are a student who just moved out of your home or a young professional with a dream to live by yourself, enjoying your own company, then a studio apartment might be a match made in heaven for you.


Studio apartments are self-contained homes with an open living area - kitchen - bedroom and bathroom. Generally speaking, they are much smaller than a normal 1BHK bedroom apartment and are perfect for a single person or a couple. Any number above two can make things feel cramped up.


If you are an organized person who loves the idea of minimalism, then be ready coz you might fall in love with this place. As the entire principle behind studio apartments is space utilization, you won’t get that much space. Usually, a studio space will range between 250 square feet to 700 square feet, depending on the location, building and demand. 



Pro’s and Con’s of Living in a Studio Apartment

On the second phase of your house hunting, you came across a beautiful studio and fell in love at first sight. In that split second, you decided it’s yours and is all set to sign the docs. 


But before making that big decision on your own. Just hear us out!!


Everything good comes with its own sets of downsides. Before you sign that lease. Check out these pros and cons of living in a studio apartment.



  • Affordable

If you are a person with not so much of a budget then you might fall head over heels with studio apartments. They are much more affordable than 1BHK apartments as they offer a smaller space. Being small, studio apartments also have fewer electricity bills, thus saving you money. Sticking to a studio apartment can also allow you to live in a luxury building and enjoy other amenities that come with it. 


  • Easy To Clean

Being a small space, studio apartments are easier to clean. So if you want to dust, mop or vacuum your apartment, you can complete your task effortlessly as there is only a small space to cover. This can make the process of cleaning more fun and relaxing. 


  • Easy Accessibility

As studios offer small space, you’ll have everything you need under your fingertips. This goes the same for accessing the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to have a glass of water in the middle of the night, you can easily access your fridge as it is within a walkable distance.


  • Cosy and Homey Vibe

No matter which studio you choose, bigger or smaller, or how you decorate the space, they are always cosy. Being a small space, you’ll have everything you need right under your fingertips and it’ll be easy to navigate. A lot of the time bigger spaces can feel cold and uninviting while being a smaller space, studios can offer a homey vibe making you feel super relaxed.


  • Easy to Decorate 

If you are a person who likes to decorate then that too will be easier as it is a small space and you won’t need many pieces. Decorating the space the right way can also make your studio cosier and more inviting. One tip is to add pastel colours, indoor plants, multi-utility furniture, and several hooks to make the space look spacious and pleasing.



  • Can have Furry Companions

If you are a proud parent of a small fur baby, the studios are the place for you. 

Most of the time it can be difficult to have your pet stay with you if you are living with someone who doesn’t like animals. The story goes the same for living in PGs and hostels. 


But studio’s can effortlessly host your small puppy or cat as they don’t need much space. But if you have a big boy or girl, then a studio is not the place for you. One thing to remember is to talk to your house owner beforehand and mention that too in the housing contract. 


  • Enjoy the Community

One of the best things about living in a studio apartment is that you can also enjoy the amenities that come along with them. Studio apartments are a new concept in India, so most of the time these studios are a part of many luxury buildings. So you’ll get to experience several amenities that come along with it like a pool area, gymnasium, parks and many amenities for the price you pay. 



  • Lack of Space

Along with being affordable, studio spaces tend to be compact. Basically, it's like living in a box. So If you are a person with too many pieces of furniture then you might want to take that into consideration, as studio spaces are comparatively smaller in size. So what you can do is to map out the space first and then choose from your furniture for better organization. 


  • Small Bathroom

You might have expected this already. A small apartment comes with small bathrooms. So if you are used to big bathrooms, then you might find it difficult to adjust in these small bathroom spaces. 


  • Can Feel Cluttered

If you are not an organized person, then anything that looks out of space can make the entire apartment feel cluttered. Even if it is a t-shirt on the floor or a shoe that's not in its space can make things look messy. But on the bright side, this can make you an organized person and build a habit of picking after yourself. 


  • No Privacy

Being an open space, if you have a guest over then they can directly see the entire space. Which means no privacy at all. If you have a friend over and are sitting in the living room but another friend of yours wants to lay down for a while then things can get awkward as your other friend can see them laying down. Therefore studio apartments mean zero privacy.


  • Less Ventilation

Studio apartments usually come with limited windows there for limited ventilation. Being an open space, if you cook something like fish in the kitchen then your entire apartment can smell like fish. Sometimes these smells can even attach to your clothes making you smell like fish curry. 


But on the brighter side, if you light a scented candle in your living room, your entire apartment can smell aromatic and calming. So it’s both a pro and a con. 


  • Can't Host Any People

Hosting people and having parties are polar opposites with studio apartments. Being a small space with any number more than two can make the place feel congested. Things can become even harder when you try to make room for them to sit. 


  • Small Appliances

As studio apartments have a smaller space, the appliance that comes with them such as the oven and stove might also be in a smaller size. So if your kitchen has only one stove, you might find it difficult to cook several meals at the same time. 


Now that you read all the pros and cons of living in a studio apartment, what do you think? Is it really your cup of tea? 


Do let us know in the comment section

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