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Top 10 Bedroom Storage Hacks and Solutions

Feb. 8, 2022
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Homes are the starting place of love, care and dreams, just like that our rooms hold a special place in the heart as it is a space where we spend most of our lives. 


It is a place where love and care are bound within the walls, a place that encloses memories of a lifetime, a place that was witness to your happiness and sadness. It is a place that is a reflection of ourselves.


Coming back home after a long day of work or school to a messy and cluttered place is not the best thing in the world, but if it is a clean, well put together room, beautifully decorated to suit your liking and your style, then that’s all you need to make you feel refreshed and relaxed. 


A room should illuminate the same aura as its person. So nothing can feel more relaxing than decorating that room to suit your heart and your lifestyle and give personality to your room. 


If you are worried about owning a small room and how to decorate it, to make it look even more spacious with smart storage ideas for small bedrooms then don’t worry, coz we got your back. 




We are going to uncover some clever bedroom organization ideas and bedroom hacks to make your room look stylish, well put together, and organized. Looks like your cup of tea? Then keep on reading…


1. Double-Duty Furniture

If you are short on room space, then doubling up the use of your furniture is an excellent option. And how will you do that? If you have limited space to put both a bedside table and a working table then try putting your working table next to your bed, that way the working table will act both as a bedside table and workstation. This is an excellent bedroom hack that will not only save space but also some bucks. 


This goes the same for other furniture as well, if you don’t have space for a bed and a couch, then you can opt for a sofa cum bed instead, that way you can sleep on it at night and convert it into a couch during the day. Murphy beds are also an excellent choice if you are trying to save some space. 




2. Opt for Wall Mounted Shelves

Using wall-mounted shelves is another awesome bedroom hack that’ll not only add on extra storage space to your bedroom but also act as an aesthetically pleasing vibe to your space. These bedroom storage shelves are an awesome way to store your books, perfume, plants, decor pieces or anything you would like to. 


These horizontal shelving methods are an excellent way of storage as this can increase the storage space without taking any floor space. If you want you can also use this kind of storage on your bathroom walls for some extra storage space and it’ll also act as a decor piece too.


3. Beds With Storage

If you have a small bedroom, one thing that takes most of your bedroom space will be your bed. Then one of the best ways to utilize this space is to use a bed with built-in storage spaces. Beds like these can store a lot of things as most of them come with storage on the headboard and drawers on the side. 


So you can effortlessly use these spaces to store bed sheets, clothes, footwear or anything you basically want. But if you are low on budget and are not looking for a bed with built-in storage, then you can simply use a small trolly rack or even baskets to keep things you don’t frequently use underneath the bed.


4. Seat With Storage

We know we should have included these in the double duty furniture section, but we didn’t, why? cause these are a smart storage bedroom hack that basically anyone can follow. Storage stools are an excellent way to double up as storage and seatings. 


You can either opt for small storage stools and replace them with your desk chair or go for big stools and add them in front of your bed for extra seating, you can make this even more aesthetically pleasing by adding these near the window to make a window seating area. 


If you are on the hunt for clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms on Pinterest, then listen up, this is the best way to store your clothes, cushions, bedsheets, and even your footwear. 

 5. Decorative Baskets


Get a break from normal storage baskets and invest in some decorative baskets aka hampers as these can not only be used as storage spaces but also are very aesthetically pleasing. And you can effortlessly place them under the bed, partially showing them, or even under the table to save a little more floor space as a decorative space. 


You can also use other types of storage baskets to organize your drawers, shelves, even your closet space. This way your space will appear tidier and things will be easier to find too. 


6. Style With a Clothing Rack

If you have a small space to work with or even like to go for an open wardrobe style, the clothing racks are an excellent choice. But when placing these racks, make sure that you place them in the corners to save some extra floor space. 


If you don’t want to take up any floor space, then you can also go for a wall-mounted clothing rack to save some more space. Before you go straight to Pinterest and search away for open wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms, do keep in mind that if you don’t keep this area clean, then it can make the entire space cluttered and congested. 



7. Experiment With Hooks and Hangers


Using different hooks and hangers are one of the best ways of clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms. If you are worried about small storage spaces in your closet, then tryout hangers, which are one of the best ways to store your pants and jeans. 


If you don’t have closet space, to begin with then try adding some hooks to your wall mount organizers as these can store a lot of clothes and other things like your bags and caps. If you are limited in floor space, try adding these hooks to your ceiling as this is an excellent way of adding plants and greenery to your room. 


8. Try Out Monitor Risers For Extra Storage

No matter how much we try, our desk space is always low on space, after placing your computer, your study materials or work-related documents, your desk space always overflows making your desk look cluttered and congested. 


One effective way to solve this dilemma is to use a monitor riser. Monitor risers are like shelves for your desk. They add an extra layer of storage space where you can place your computer monitor if you want or anything you like, be it books or even plants. They always add a nice touch to your table making them look clean and organized. 


Using a monitor riser can not only act as an extra storage space but also help with your sitting body posture, making you sit straight. 


9. Floating Bathroom Vanities 


If you have a small bath that always looks overflowed with products then floating vanities are another efficient storage idea that won’t take up too much of your floor space and also add a nice touch to your bathroom looks. 


But if you are low on budget and cannot afford a bathroom floating vanity, another hack for you is to use a shower curtain with pockets. As these can efficiently store a lot of products you might want to use while your bath. 

Room decor and storage ideas are like an ocean you’ll never swim across, no matter how much you swim there is always more to cover. In that ocean of ideas, we hope we were able to help you out. Well, that’s it, folks! Did you find these tips useful? If so, let us know in the comments below. 


Until next time…Stay Cozified. 


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