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Technological Evolution and the Co-living Revolution

Dec. 30, 2021
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The busy streets, the honking and screaming in the traffic, the dusty walkways and the metropolitan climate is something to revel in. Back in the day, the good old college days, presented us with great memories with friends but, the only drawback would be the living situation. 


There was a certain nostalgia for the dusty drapes hanging from the ceiling or the squeaky beds, but this era calls for an upgrade. We've seen a jail modified into a living space for college students to live in (I'm not kidding, it actually exists). Don't worry, that was the old story, and it's time for a new and improved age.


Technology has seeped into society and fortunately, after Covid 19, the dive into comfort tech was complete. Several industries have cropped up providing wonderful co-living experiences to individuals at a very reasonable price. Through this blog, we wish to convey to you, the elegant technological changes the hospitality industry has undergone and, the everchanging improvements in comfort for each resident. Let's go!!


The Coliving Experience




It's been ages since the practice of coliving spaces began. Even before independence, we think people lived in hostels, dorms or residences together and had the time of their lives. Living with like-minded people is always fun, right? 


It sparks joy, excitement and you get to learn a bunch of new stuff. The only issue that was of concern was the cleanliness each place offered. A satisfying experience was not present for the value spent on it. The nostalgia in those places might be priceless but the roaches chomping down on your tasty treats isn't acceptable, don't you think?


That's why many co-living spaces like Cozy stay have popped open to provide a 'great' co-living experience. The difference between coliving spaces and traditional Pgs ranges between several factors such as cleanliness, the friendly ambiance, a coworking community, a vivid array of amenities and even IoT enabled features. The true tech-based comfort experience is awaiting you at these places. Don't even think of compromising on comfort, just move and relax, and have a Cozy Stay!!


Hospitality tech's driving people towards coliving spaces




It is not uncommon that the mindset of Indians, as well as the rest of the world, has changed drastically. With pandemics and also premonitions of the world ending every 10 years poppi'n up (LOL!!), people want to enjoy as much as they can, save little, spend more and don't want a permanent residence. More and more people are opting for coliving spaces to live in, compared to the old traditional notion of buying a house or apartment on their own. 


Several hospitality companies are using 360 degrees VR tours to give the experience of visiting the residence just by sitting at the comfort of home. For us introverts out there, it's the best solution. No human interaction, no talking about personal stuff, just see the room for yourself and if you like it, book it, move in, cozify. It's as simple as that. 


Few co-living establishments provide you with personalized apps to search, book, pay rent, request services and also for easy move-in and moving out, to do this all at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to negotiations and compromise on comfort. You get what you paid for and, we promise, it is an experience like no other. 


Through digital inclusions, several companies have completely reduced the number of human interactions. Service requests, booking and exiting are all done online. Humans tend to forget so we make the bots do our work!!! They never forget, they keep reminding us with notifications!!!


Creation of a unified community




The great thing about co-living experiences is community building. Everyone might come from different walks of life, but at coliving spaces, you have one whole family. Different or even weird anime obsessions are accepted here!!! No judgment, just enjoyment.


Hospitality companies have understood the value of creating a unified community for everyone. The busy lifestyle of youngsters and the pressures they face are understood and they need a community of like-minded people to heal the negative energy. Several apps have created forums, chat rooms and even event calendars to engage this cohabitation and make it like a perfect dream.


Imagine that you've had a bad day at the office. You've just completed doing frustrating tasks and want to chill in a corner playing some games. Send a message, the community will be there at your aid (if they are free of course), and even before you know it, you will be playing Fifa, chugging down on some chips and soda. Ahh!! That sounds pretty good, right?


Wherever you need to go, the pub, a bookstore, on a shopping frenzy or a blind date, the forum created in-app just endeavours to create pleasant experiences for you seamlessly. Technological inclusion has created a wonderful world of connectivity without the need to be physically present and it is growing with each second.

The IoT Generation




Many of us have been called the Gen Z and Millenials, but we believe the IoT enabled generation is next. I know it sounds too cheesy or make-believe, but the reality is that the incoming generation is going to experience something vastly unique. Hospitality industries such as Cozy stay have incorporated IoT enabled functions within the property. Hallways that light up and light down as you walk through the corridor, ac's that adjust the temperature as per your comfort, voice-activated functions by using Alexa, google assistant or any smart ai bots. The future of comfort is here!!!


In the coming ages, you wouldn't have to lift a finger for what you need. IoT enabled infrastructures will serve as an extra layer of comfort to the already existing traditional system. The golden age of technology is here and we can't wait to introduce mesmerizing levels of comfort to you.


Trust and Credibility




There have been unnecessary disputes with residents, claiming that they didn't get the rent even after you gave them cash, and it's just really nerve-racking to go through something like that!! Trust us, we've been there. You can't trust some people but, with the innovation of technology, it's easy to make payments. The best thing about it is that there is a paper trail when you pay your rents, deposits or even city transfer charges. Everything is legal and it will be done through trusted payment partners. 


Above all else, it is evident that digital inclusion shall reach every nook and corner of the world, and this industry deserves a revamp of services. People can even book maintenance services through the app and the job will be done hassle-free, in a jiffy.

The feasibility of this solution is undeniably brilliant. There is no safer mode of stay when you move to a new city. Safe stays, safe payments and comfort guaranteed.


The Comfy Conclusion




A co-living experience without any hassles and easy move-ins is prophesized. I'm sorry, not prophesied, it's happening right this minute. The world is undergoing a vivid and interesting change.

With different types of devices and technologies hitting the market, the hospitality industry is going to create a revolution. From talking bot chefs to invisible voices that control the environment of your room. We are seeing a revolution of comfort in the making!!! The new generation cannot fathom what's about to come next, but what's in store is definitely going to be state of the art.

Just move into coliving spaces and experience the technology for yourself. We are sure you won't be disappointed. 

Until Next time!! Chao!!

Cozy Stay

Live easy at Cozy


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