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Safety and Wellness on Rainy Days At Cozy Stay

Jan. 30, 2023
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Bangalore has been the heart of culture, technological development, and so much more for the past decades. It has accommodated several MNCs, startups and conglomerates thereby allowing them to have a footing in the Indian business landscape. 


The climate as we know it is changing. It is getting more fierce and we as citizens of the country have to be safe and secure wherever we are. Bangalore is facing rains that cannot be compared to the Chennai floods or the Kerala floods but are in more or less the same range as these. Many major parts of the city have been waterlogged, traffic is piling up on the main roads and people are not able to commute to work as we know it. 


We believe that this is a change that has to be accepted and be considered as a possibility of changing things up. When you're staying at Co-living facilities like Cozy Stay, it is going to support your hybrid work culture and also keep you safe in the process. So here is how you can make the best of the Bangalore rains and be safe at Cozy Stay. Let's begin.


Hybrid or WFH modes:


We believe that the world has changed significantly. The covid 19 pandemic was just the sign of a changing economy and we had to embrace this fact and adapt to WFH modes. With it receding its claws from the world, we have climate change to deal with. Climate change is something that has accumulated over the years due to high pollution all over the world and has led to the extreme all across India. Hence, people have to be prepared for the worst.


In a place like Bangalore, where companies are existing in waterlogged parts, the employee should opt for WFH for a few days until the issues are resolved. At Cozy Stay, we've set up co-working spaces and also spacious rooms to fulfil the WFH needs. In addition to this, we also provide high-speed wifi connectivity to enable our customers to work faster and productively. Hence, just enjoy the rain at Cozy Stay and indulge in your work, carefree.




Travelling is a big issue when it comes to Bangalore. Even before all the heavy rains, travelling has been a big issue. 


During the rains, most of the roads in the area are waterlogged and could potentially hamper your vehicle. The water might go into the exhausts and put your vehicle out of commission. So the best thing to do is to keep it safe at an enclosed location. 


If you're staying at Cozy Stay, it is a great practice to keep the vehicles within the parking area for a few days until the rains stop pouring down like cats and dogs. This will help your vehicle from rusting, and running into waterlogged areas and also keep it safe and secure at an enclosed location. As mentioned before, opting to work from home in Bangalore is going to be one of the best practices to follow during this rainy season. 


Medicines and Pharmacies:


What we've learned from the floods in other states is the issues of food and also medicine availability. These are essentials during these times and can be quite scarce when it comes to it. 


During the rainy season, our body succumbs to a lot of climate changes and hence is susceptible to diseases of all kinds. When you are a working professional in Bangalore and want to be productive, we have to take care that you don't get too sick. Hence, medicines and healthcare products are in dire need.


As Cozy Stay customers, the Cozy x Medimall Pharma partnership has led to availing facilities for medicines and healthcare products for our customers. Medimall has the widest variety of medicines and healthcare products. It offers online purchases and deliveries, hence, during the rainy season our customers don't need to go out, and all the necessary stuff will reach your rooms in a jiffy. Healthcare is essential, and it's important you play it smart during the rainy season. 


Maintain a Healthy Diet:


A healthy diet goes a long way while Working from home. When you are in a constant state of rest, it is always a good idea to eat healthily and eat lite if you can. Keeping up health is important during the rainy season. 


So when you are staying at Cozy Stay, use the pantry to cook a hearty meal. During the monsoons, the body is most prone to infection. So, it's important that you have filtered or boiled water. It's also a good idea to avoid foods like salads and raw foods. 


So have some tea, coffee or a hot sandwich to get you going and keep you healthy throughout the day. 


Avoid walking:


Walking in the rain usually looks quite romantic in the rain. The rainwater pouring down on your face, the cold sense and the mesmerising smell of rain are all beautiful. However when in situations involving waterlogging or floods it's not a good idea. 


Strolling through these waterlogged areas leads to contracting viral diseases such as leptospirosis and fungal infections. It is also important to avoid gutters, drains and other areas in order to avoid injuries. Electric poles could also cause problems and the wires might've been knocked down and could electrocute you. So it's best to seek shelter and keep yourself safe from all these issues. 


Keep your eyes safe:


During the rainy season, there are a lot of diseases that could be contracted and these include a few for the eyes as well. The rainy season could bring about eye infections like conjunctivitis, dry eyes and other eye infections. The frequency of these is quite high. 


If it has been neglected for too long, could potentially have long-term impacts and could lead to health issues. Hence, if you feel issues like this popping up, reduce your exposure to screens, and avoid irritation, redness or itching. 


Keep devices charged:


Our dependence on electronic devices is high. We need them for work, communications and also for emergencies as well. As rains, ensuing floods and water logging is an issues, electrical faults are also a big part of the issue. The winds and the rains might leads to power cuts in several areas and this could lead to several issues. 


It is a good idea to keep your devices charged up all the time, especially before night. It is also a good idea to invest in a power bank. When your walk in the rain, your devices tend to get wet, and that is not at all good for their longevity and life. Hence, get proper waterproof covers or bags to keep your devices safe at all times. 


These devices are important and in the event of floods such as the ones witnessed in Kerala, Chennai or even Assam, the necessity of phones comes into play for availing emergency services. So make sure to keep everything in full charge and also use proper covers for your devices. 


The Cozy Story:


Heavy rains and floods are becoming a rising issue in the country. With more and more cities and states experiencing these issues, it is evident that we need to make some changes in the way we do this. At Cozy Stay, we take all precautions to keep our guests safe and sound. We offer the best of amenities to help our guests strive in this changing climate while engaging in their normal, productive lives. 


We hope this blog was helpful. So until next time, see ya!!


Cozy Stay


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