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Renting Comfort - Buying V Renting Furniture in Bangalore

July 19, 2022
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Moving to a new city can be overwhelming at times, but the shift from home to a new place would potentially mean the creation of a new you. Whenever you're in a new place, you've got to create a space for yourself to grow in, learn, and relax. 


Here's a piece of advice that you're going to be needing. When you're moving into a new city and that too a coliving facility, it's always a better option to rent your furniture than buying them. 


We know the hesitation when you try to invest in a comfortable sofa or even a study table, however, with jobs and studies, the probability of moving from one place to another is a big issue. In such a situation, most people go to a furniture place and get expensive furniture which you might end up selling at a lower cost than when you bought it. 


However, the times have changed, and now you can rent your furniture, especially in a place like Bangalore. Don't settle for uncomfortable and expensive furniture. It's time to move to a new place. 


Several companies provide wonderful furniture and other amenities for a reasonable rental price in Bangalore. Through this blog, let us show you what the benefit is when you rent instead of buying furniture. So without further adieu, let's begin!!


Renting Vs Buying Furniture:


When living in PGs or coliving facilities they do provide very innovative amenities; however, you might want to add a slice of your choices within your room. It might be to spruce it up or to feel more comfortable than before. So why not rent comfort? 


Cost Efficiency: 


As we mentioned before buying furniture is an expensive affair. You save money for months, but the sale for your favourite furniture goes away, then you're pretty much sad that you didn't get the furniture of your choice. Buyers' remorse is something real guys. 


So when you're staying in a sharing apartment or at a co-living facility, it's a temporary stay so it's better to split the cost with your flatmate or roommate and rent the furniture. It's much more economical, and it's worthwhile going forward during your stay. So stop worrying and get that bean bag you've got your eye on!!


Moving and Shifting:


We know that staying in a PG or shared accommodation is something temporary. We might come to study for a few years in college, or even work at a company for a few years or even for a few months. We never know what life holds for us, and that's kind of the beauty of it. The uncertainty of what's going to happen next is the secret and the wonderful thing about life. 


So with respect to this uncertainty, there is uncertainty concerning furniture as well. Imagine if you bought furniture for yourself and you had to move. What would you do with this particular furniture?


This conundrum exists, and that's why renting is much better than buying. The renting fees are quite low, and you can decide how you're going to be paying if monthly or annually. This makes it easy and enables you to move hassle-free when shifting from your current location. 


Trending Designs:


New and innovative designs are something to always look forward to. Each quarter new furniture and amenities designs are out, and you don't want to go out of the trend right? 


So it's a good option to choose to rent. Renting can allow you to switch furniture and opt for different furniture on a whole. So it's fair trade, and you'll never go out of trend. 


Maintaining the Furniture:


In life, there is a principle. If you're not moving forward you are moving backward. But it's kind of a misconception. If you're not moving forward you're being constant and that isn't good for you either. It's the same thing when you buy furniture. 


When you buy furniture in your younger years, it's a liability for you. When you rent furniture there is no long-term commitment to it. If you own something and what to shift you've got to take it along with you. When you move from one place to another and want to change your style it's kind of difficult with the already existing furniture. So new is always better. It's always a good idea to move forward in life and not look back on things. 


Depreciating Cost:


Just like a car has depreciating value after a few years, furniture is the same as well. Furniture follows the same concept. The quality deteriorates and leads to depreciating costs. 


Hence, it's a better idea to rent than to own it. There is no profit and no loss, but a constant rental amount that has been given. It is an easier process than any.


Additional Benefits:


Most rental companies provide several cool offers. They provide discounts, they give a trial period for using furniture and even free delivery. Additionally, they provide free maintenance of furniture, easy returns, and even free relocations. When you shift to a place, the furniture will follow. 


So next time You're in Bangalore and want to rent some furniture, think about the nifty benefits that it comes along with. 


Best Online Companies to Rent furniture in Bangalore:


After all the wonderful things we said about the renting companies, we've got to introduce a few to you. So let's begin.





Rentmojo is a furniture rental company that has a wonderful collection of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even baby rooms as well. 





Furlenco has been in the business for a long time and is well known for its fast delivery and home decor. They set up furniture at your humble abode within the time span of 72 hours. You can opt to order between single furniture and also a collection of furniture.