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Live Cozy For Free - A Tempting Secret to Live Free on Cozy Stay

April 20, 2022
5 min

Have you ever dreamt of living your life for free? 


At least for just one day!


What if we tell you that you actually can live free in a cosy and comfy luxurious room for free that too for one whole month. 


Well, it looks like your prayers have been heard. But how?


How can you actually live in luxurious accommodation for free? 


Then read on… Coz we have a story to tell.


The introduction of the shared economy has surely been a blessing to millions of lives. Inventions like Coworking spaces and shared cabs sure made changes to our lives but what actually shook the world was the idea of Coliving. 


In the past few years, India has witnessed the rise of several coliving platforms and these companies have earned millions of funding, thanks to the idea of coliving platforms. 


But the issue with these platforms is that they might have several features that attract the millennials. However, the prices these coliving platforms offer are relatively higher than even renting an apartment. And most of the time these platforms don’t really offer the services and amenities they promise to offer. 


Cozy Stay, An Ultimate Coliving Platform

Cozy Stay is an IoT enabled coliving platform fully built with the intention of offering a cosy and comfortable stay to the millennials. Being an IoT enabled platform, from paying rent to getting the wifi password, one can make their Cozy living even cosier. 


Cozy Stay is also equipped with an array of amenities, spacious bedrooms, friendly and responsible staff, a cosy care team to care for you, clean and sanitized living environment, all of this for a reasonable price that can fit into the budget of students and young professionals. 

Here is that little secret to live free at Cozy Stay

When compared to other coliving pg’s Cozy stay is definitely more on the affordable side. But what if you can live here for free. Not spending a single penny. Well, if there is a will, there is a way. So if you have been wishing to live your life for free then here is how you can do it. But it will need a little bit of effort, but trust us it isn't that much of an effort and it only takes a few taps on your phone. 


If you are a student then you must be paying your rent using the allowance your family gives you. If you are a young professional, then you must be limited on cash, so spending thousands on rent can really limit your fun. 


Now toss those worries and live your life as you have always wanted. Save your money on rent and live your luxurious life for free by becoming a Cozy Champ. You can even use your allowance money on things you value the most and live your life to the fullest.


The Refer & Earn Programme By Cozy Stay

Yes, you heard it right. Cozy Stay has a referral programme where you can refer Cozy Stay to your friends and family, earn a reward each time and live for free. That's it. 


So, How does it work?


  1. Go to the refer and earn section in Cozy Stay. 

  2. Refer Cozy Stay to your friends and families. 

  3. Once they log in with your Cozy Code and live in Cozy for a month. 

  4. Your Cozy Wallet will be credited with 1000 Cozy Coins for each referral. 

  5. For every 10 referrals, you’ll earn a reward of 1500 Cozy Coins for each referral.

  6. If the count is 20, then you’ll earn a reward of 2000 Cozy Coins for each referral. 


If your rent is 8000 INR, then by referring 8 friends you’ll be able to easily collect the Cozy Coins and live for FREE… 


Now refer Cozy Stay to your best buddies and help them find their cozy retreat too. 


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