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Hostel Packing List: Everything You Need While Staying In A Hostel

April 20, 2022
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Hostel days are one of the most beautiful things to happen in someone’s life, yet packing to leave for the hostel is a hassle. Packing is something most people regret and are not quite good at. However, let’s not ruin the fun by missing out on something important. 


Start a new journey of getting an inexplicable experience, fulfilling dreams, and so much more by packing some must-haves on your luggage list. We wish I had also known about these life-saving hacks when I had packed my stuff before leaving for the hostel, but as we all know, we either learn from someone’s guidance or our own experiences. 


So we're here to help you out with these basic things which can turn your nightmare into a blessing. You can use these easy tips and tricks either to save a few bucks or for an easier stay, your choice. So without further ado, let's dive into packing 101.


The Complete Packing Guide:


Choose your backpack smartly :

Choose your backpack smartly

You never know how many stairs you might have to climb or how much space you get in your room to keep your stuff. It’s wise to choose the right backpack. The right one can be easy to carry, can fit in all the necessary stuff without tempting you to overpack. It should be able to squeeze in when you put it in a smaller area and should not hog all the space in your cupboard after unpacking. You should be able to fold it and fit it into a small area. Try not to get the wheeler’s one. They might look fancy but are sometimes such a pain in the ass.


Labelling Bags:


It’s important and one of the genius moves you can do. Stick a chit (Use a ball pen to write down the details and cover it with transparent tape so that it’s safe from any spillage) on your luggage which consists of basic details such as 


  • Your Name

  • Contact Details

  • Address


So, if you ever lose your luggage, people should know who the bag belongs to and might help you get your belongings back in one piece. Yes, we have nice people too!!!!.




You must always carry your basic documents. Try not to keep your original documents with you unless it’s required. It's best to maintain one folder where you can keep xerox copies of your important documents. So,whenever you need them you don’t need to panic. 


Packing Cubes :


These are must-haves as they help you to be well organised and pack light. You don’t need to make a mess or empty the bag every time you need anything. With packing cubes, it'll be very easy to locate whatever you need, whenever you need it. 


Money / Cash:


Now since it’s all about making digital payments you don’t need to keep a lot of cash with you. But if you do, keep some cash on hand. You can divide the cash and keep it in different spaces. So, in the worst-case scenarios, if you lose money from one place you always know you have it stocked in a different place, where you have hidden it.






They may look tiny, but they can save you from a lot of chaos, like what to do when you have a snorer in your room, what to do when you need a calm space to study or what to do to avoid 3 AM hooting? 


My friends, the answer is noise cancellation earplugs for a good night's sleep.




Worried about your valuables being stolen? Not anymore! 


Always keep a padlock. Everyone is nice, but since it’s a shared space, there is no harm in keeping your valuables locked. It will give you the confidence that your valuables are safe. Better to be safe than sorry. Padlocks with combination locks are the best. In that way, you don’t have to worry about losing the key.


Microfiber Bath Towels :


Easy to carry, lightweight, takes less space, and dries out quickly, then why not?  


Hygiene is very important to maintain a shared space. Always carry your towel.




Toiletries are essential and, when you're visiting a hostel, they might not have that in hand. Hence, it's always best to come prepared with some selection of toiletries. Here's a list to choose from:


  • Soap / Shower Gel

  • Shampoo

  • Toothpaste

  • Toothbrush

  • Comb

  • Shaver

  • Perfume

  • Sunscreen


First Aid Box :


This is perhaps the first thing that most people tend to forget packing whilst the very important because accidents or injuries can happen anytime or anywhere. Keep if you have any prescription medicines. Apart from that keep ibuprofen, blisters, plaster, and some painkillers. It’s good to be ready.


Sleeping Mask:


Sleeping Mask:

Your sleeping time is likely to be different from the “lights out time” at a hostel. Carrying a sleeping mask will help you sleep in your own time and comfort. Say bye-bye to sunlight or any other light that bothers you.

Flip flops / Slippers :


Easy to carry and comfortable option to have. You would not want to lace it up every time you step out of bed. They are also waterproof and go with almost everything so carry these. You can also carry one pair of formal or casual footwear with you if you want to. 


Water Bottle:


Must have. Keeping yourself hydrated is as important as snooping in at someone's birthday party and throwing a little dance in the hostel. Try to carry atleast two to avoid going to the refill journey every now and then.


Extension Board:


Most hostels have only a single plug point or two if you are lucky. If you have a laptop or any other gadget, then it's convenient to carry an extension board to use multiple charging points. They are lifesavers.




Try not to keep more clothes, only the ones necessary, like if you have a uniform, 2-3 pairs of socks, a few pairs of casual and formal clothes. Check the weather condition and, if required, carry a blanket and some woollen clothes as well. You can not sleep without a blanket in a cold environment. You must pack one umbrella/raincoat also to avoid getting drenched in rain. Packing things always saves you from spending some extra bucks in a different city. 


Dinner Plate and Coffee Mug:


Some hostels provide utensils while some do not. Therefore, always be mindful to carry your utensils such as 


  • Plate

  • Bowl

  • Coffee Mug

  • Spoon/Fork


Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover :


This is the most comforting place among all. You dream about your future, your goals. Hence, your bed, your sleep place always needs to be clean. Keep a minimum of 2-bed sheets with pillow cover.


Food / Snacks:


I still remember my mother used to make some homemade snacks during my hostel packing. It’s always good to have something to munch during the night or at odd hours. You can keep one or two snacks from your favourites.


The Cozy Story:


Hostel life is one of the most memorable times in our lives, and to bask in its glory is something that shaped your future. From a kid, you become an adult, responsible for your own actions and the maker of your destiny. So here's one last piece of advice.


A positive attitude and a smile is the most important thing to bring forward. Since it’s a shared space with different people from all walks of life. A positive attitude and a smile are always welcomed everywhere. Dream high, be ambitious, and never forget to cherish these moments. They stay with you for a lifetime. Until next time, see ya!!


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