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Cozy Stay x Medimall - The Cozy Healthcare Revolution in your fingertips

Jan. 28, 2023
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Cozy Stay has been the home away from home for many of our guests. The comfort, culture, community and experiences are breathtaking and provide a breathtaking experience while staying in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. 


We know that Bangalore is a city filled with fun, glamour and opportunities. The whole reason we come here is to explore a new world. However, whilst you explore a new world, in some or other unfortunate circumstances, you might fall ill. Sickness and infections are around us but when we get into trouble and are on bed rest, it's quite a hassle to get things done, especially to buy medicines for ourselves. 


Well, Cozy Stay is turning into a home away from home and we've found the perfect solution to get you the medicines and healthcare products you need.


Medimall X Cozy Stay is our newest association with one single goal. Reviving and Reestablishing the healthcare infrastructure. Through Medimall pharma, Cozy Stay endeavours to provide a variety of benefits to all our guests. So without further adieu let's begin with the plans laid down by Medimall X Cozy Stay.




Medimall is a one-stop destination for all things healthcare. The establishment has several pharmacies across Bangalore and guarantees the fastest delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products at affordable prices to your doorstep. 


Cozy Stay is one of the prime coliving establishments in Bangalore, and cares about our guests and their well-being. Through the association and partnering with Medimall Pharma and its various pharmacies, we endeavour to provide the best of services to our customers at their doorsteps. Medimall focuses on providing affordable healthcare through IoT enabled processes to urban, suburban and rural India. 


Through the medimall app or through Whatsapp, it's never been easier to order medicines. With just one tap and a promo code, you'll get all the medicines, healthcare products and prescription medication you need at affordable prices from one of Medimall's licensed pharmacies. So without further adieu, let's see what the benefits you'll receive.


Medimall Platform:


As our associations with Medimall are finished, we would like to introduce their various mediums of purchase. 


Our guests can visit to place orders on their preferred healthcare products or pharmaceuticals. The user interface is quite easy to use and will facilitate multiple languages to be pleasing to our guests from across India and abroad. 


Alternatively, for much easier processes, download the medimall app from the google store or the IOS store and order your preferred medicines and healthcare products with ease.


Health Vault:


As our valued and esteemed Cozy Stay customers, our association with Medimall shall provide you with your own personal health card. 


As you log in to the web app or download the medimall app, you will receive an e-health card. The purpose of the health card is to safely and securely store all your healthcare documents such as prescriptions, lab tests, medical receipts, and so much more. The health vault follows all the protocols laid down by the IT Act, of 2000 and adheres to all data protection protocols. So store away and forget about the use of physical documentation.  


E Prescriptions:


It's always the biggest issue when it comes to buying prescription medicine. There are a lot of hassles in buying this and sometimes, you feel that you won't be able to go out to get it. Well, worry not. 


While you stay at Cozy Stay, resting and recuperating, upload a photo of your prescription, store it in Medimall's health vault and order any prescription medicine from the comfort of home. 


So its valid, secure and fastest deliveries are guaranteed with Medimall. 


24x7 Healthcare:


In today's day and age, it is usual that people work or stay up late at night. Either for studies or work. You might have had a heavy dinner and might suffer from some stomach issues, and no pharmacies are open at night. What do you do, and who do you call?


Well, that's why Medimall's here. Exclusively for Cozy Stay guests, Medimall shall deliver medicines and healthcare products at whatever time of day or night you require it. Place an order, and it will be there at your doorstep swiftly. 


Multiple language inclusions:


We all come from different walks of life. Some from the North, some from the South, from the east and finally some from the west. We all speak different languages, and Cozy is a community that cherishes the beauty of each language. 


Medimall is also having the same thought process. The Medimall app offers multiple language options. When you log in you can use the language of your choice and buy healthcare at the most affordable prices. Who doesn't love ordering in their own language? 


Medimall believes that India is a big and united place consisting of different languages, and any app worth your time should be easy to order from. So choose the language of your choice and order away!!


Special Discounts:


As a heartfelt initiative to our guests, we believe that it is our job to make you comfortable and afford you the benefits of healthcare. 


As you pay the rent before the 5th of each month, you shall get a gift card or discount voucher from Medimall because of our Cozy Stay x Medimall association. 


You can redeem these gift cards or vouchers anytime through the medimall app or web application while placing an order for your preferred pharmaceuticals and healthcare. 


As per the rental scheme, the vouchers will be allotted and added to your Medimall app and also to your cozy stay app as well. 


So get healthcare on the go with Medimall.


Cozy Stay member benefits:


As esteemed members of Cozy Stay, our association with Medimall shall allow our guests for several benefits.


We believe that healthcare is integral to our guests so that they can stay active and indulge in all of their activities while at Cozy Stay. If they wish to order medicines or healthcare products, log on to the medimall app or web application. 


All Cozy Stay members shall be eligible for special and exclusive discounts. Apply the codes and place the orders. 


Along with Medimall, all Cozy Stay guests shall be eligible for priority support and priority deals.  


Cozy Stay members paying the rent prior to the 5th of each month shall receive promo codes and vouchers. These can be utilised in the online stores for ordering medicines, healthcare products and prescription medication as well. 


The Cozy Story:


The world is changing, the way we perceive it is different, and everyone deserves quality healthcare. It is Cozy Stay's mission to make the lives of our guests as comfortable as possible. 


Cozy Stay x Medimall has been associated to provide healthcare benefits and pharmaceuticals to everyone at the most affordable prices possible. Healthcare is integral to life and important to have a Cozy time at Cozy Stay. We believe that, as you are away from home, it is our responsibility to keep you healthy and active all day long. 


While you explore opportunities, climb the horizons of your career and study towards success, Cozy Stay x Medimall shall pave the way for a Cozier World and a Healthier Future for everyone. 




Your Health Companion 


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