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Cozy Stay x Eqaro Guarantees - Zero Deposits and Comfort Solutions For All

Jan. 28, 2023
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However, the age-old story was still prevailing. Search for an apartment or PG, pay a hefty security deposit, fill in large amounts of rent because it is obviously Bangalore and then have renter's remorse for years. Living like this is not suitable for the young mind. 


Cozy Stay is a prop-tech endeavour aiming to provide comfortable accommodation solutions through coliving, IoT-enabled properties and also offers state of the art amenities at affordable prices. 


However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. With our new association with Eqaro guarantees, our services have emerged wherein zero deposit facilities are provided to the tenants. 


So without further adieu, let's begin!!


Zero deposits With Cozy Stay:


It's about time that the old traditional system of paying security deposits comes to an end. For over a decade, people have been pouring in a huge amount of security deposits into renting apartments and pgs. Then when it's time for them to leave, these security deposits are cut short, and many people face big losses that cannot compare to the gains they have got staying there. The cycle continues to this day, but it is changing now through Cozy Stay. 


With the association between Cozy Stay and Eqaro Guarantees, we have come up with the zero deposit scheme. 

Zero deposit - Is that even possible?


Well, to answer your question, yes, it is quite possible. People would be thinking, it's not real, it might not be safe or something suspicious. However, the actual story is contrary to this. 


With Cozy Stay's associations with Eqaro Guarantees, we are harnessing the power of their services and offering this new scheme to them. 


As Eqaro offers its surety services to Cozy Stay, tenants can select to not provide security deposits by paying a nominal fee, which is a zero deposit convenience fee. This enables tenants to steer clear of all deposits, and let Cozy Stay serve you better at affordable price ranges. 


Who is eligible for the zero deposit scheme?


The trends of staying in one place have changed. You are constantly on the move, searching for new opportunities and travelling to your heart's desire. The only thing that is holding you back is the shortage of money, and we can't have that right?


That's why Cozy Stay has introduced a deposit-free rental scheme. Move in at your convenience at any place you need to with Cozy Stay. 


This zero deposit rental scheme is exclusively available to our Cozy Stay customers. 


This scheme can be availed by bachelors and working professionals booking a room with us at Cozy Stay. Students can also avail of this scheme with specific permission from their guardians so as to secure their rights on the property. 


Steps to follow:


As a coliving solution, it is our job to make your booking process easier than what you've experienced before. At Cozy Stay, you are provided with the facilities to easily and seamlessly move into the property of your choice, and with our new association with Eqaro guarantees, you can opt for the zero deposit scheme. So here's how you can apply:


Step 1: Visit


Step 2: Peruse through our wonderful page and when you are done, click on the sign-in section, provide your phone number and insert the OTP.


Step 3: Head to the bookings section, and when you pay for the room, select the zero deposit payment option. 


Step 4: A link will be provided for all users where you can apply to check the eligibility, and once that's done, a rental guarantee bond will be generated. 


Step 5: Do the payment, and just move in without any deposit. Only a convenience fee will be charged from you. 


Step 6 and the most important one of all, is to have fun and enjoy your Cozy Stay. 


The benefits:


Cozy Stay was conceived with the idea of providing co-living solutions to all our customers. We endeavour to provide co-living accommodation through IoT-enabled property and also provide state of the art amenities. In our journey of providing hospitality services, we've come across a big problem area which is the deposit. In many ways, we tried to tackle the situation by going the traditional route, but we understood that we need something more. 


Hence, we are associated with Eqaro guarantees to provide the zero deposit schemes exclusively for cozy stay customers. Here's how you're going to benefit from this. 


Lighter pockets:


The biggest benefit of the zero deposit scheme is obvious don't you think? 


Zero deposits!!


It makes it easier for you to shift from one place to another, with ease without worrying about draining your pockets. You can potentially invest that money on stocks and bonds, on something you love to do or even with family. The savings you can make with this scheme is amazing and will benefit you in the long run. 


Moving Costs:


As social beings and explorers for more profound opportunities, people tend to move from place to place, and deposits shouldn't get in the way of that. 


Not having to pay such a huge amount is one of the main benefits you can have while moving to a new place. You are always in profit, and get what is worthy of your rental schemes. 


Less Hassle in Recovering the Deposit:


We've all lived in PGs, and we know there is a significant amount of paperwork that has to be submitted, followed up and processed. It might take days before you get your deposit back, but in the meantime, you might need it for your moving expenses or even personal endeavours. 


The zero deposit scheme takes care of this as you only have to pay a convenience fee and nothing more. If you want to move out, you can put in a vacate request and have little to no liabilities with respect to vacating the property. It is a win-win situation for you and the property as well. 


Guaranteed Renewability:


This process is renewable as many times as you wish, and whenever you shift from one of our cozy stay properties to another, we ensure that the bond is renewed and you are deposit free till the day you leave. 


The Future of Hospitality:



The trends are changing in the world with respect to work, leisure and also studies. The world we see now isn't the one that is going to emerge 5 years from now. The boundaries of hospitality are changing from the traditional modes into hyper-digital settings, and we can't fall behind. The only constant that has withstood all these changes is the concept of providing comfort in any way imaginable. 


Our association with Eqaro is seen to be the next step in progressing comfort the right way. We endeavour to provide unique services to our customers and in turn make their lives a bit more comfortable.  


Looking toward the future efficiency and affordability are the main aspects that have to be taken into consideration coupled with technological infrastructure. As experts in hospitality, this is one of the first steps we wish to take in making lives cozier. 


Cozy Stay


Live Easy At Cozy


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