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Cozy Living - Things You’ll Relate To If You're Living in a PG

Jan. 30, 2023
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'Home sweet home' is something that we usually say when we get back home. The feeling behind these words is nostalgia, comfort and also freedom. However, once you move out of your home to a new city, it all becomes different. The independent life begins, and childhood takes a backseat to witness what you are set to become in the foreseeable future. 


But the good aspects trump the uncomfortable ones. We remember the first time we moved to a new city to study. There was a bit of fear and insecurity while moving into the new room. Meeting the first roommate, being scared a bit about them, sleeping in a new place, getting up in the morning and leaving for college on your own. 


It's quite scary, but this is the point in time when you become an independent person. It is a sign of being worthy to be called a grown-up. So without further adieu, let's begin with the stuff you'll relate to if you lived in a PG.


The Cozy PG Life:


Finding a Place:


As someone who's been shifting from city to city, it isn't quite easy to find a residence of your choice, within your budget and next to where you work or study. People aren't quite accepting of bachelors and, even if you're staying as a house guest, you might need to conform to their rules and regulations. 


PGS like Cozy STay offer really nice accommodation available in multiple locations and also within your budget. Unlike home, you have privacy, people to accompany you, could roll out of bed at anytime you want according to your convenience, and you could make a lot of friends. 


Waking up to chirping birds:


Adulting comes with its perks and also its problems. You've taken that hard step, moving into a PG, away from home. You might go to sleep at night, but you might be awakened by the screams of your crazy friends knocking on your door, and you will be awake all night. After that, you will be waking up like a wreck, but that's the fun of living in a hostel. Fun night, fun days and all-time fun over. 


Well no one gets it right and wakes you in the morning early, it takes time to adjust, but that's the way of life. Leaving from home and shifting to a new life just makes your sleep cycle shift a little. Well, at Cozy Stay it's going to be a peaceful stay, and also you can wake up well rested. 


Maggi is the way to go:


When you live alone, the end of the month is the hardest. You are short on cash, you can't ask your family and, also the 'independent' phase does not let you. However, you do have to eat something somehow right?


That's where Maggi comes in. It's the middle of the night, you've come from your friend's room all tuckered out, the PG has closed its gate, and you have a craving for something good. Maggie is the easiest thing to make. Water, the noodles and the mix, you're pretty much set for the whole way. 


You might often end up fighting with your roommates for the last bite, but that just enhances your friendship. The biggest difference between home and a PG is that the bonds that are formed over this Maggi, last a lifetime. Whenever you are in a pinch in the future, your 'maggie wala friend' might help you out. This would be the biggest difference we could point out when you are living at home vs living at the PG.


Well, the times have changed. At Cozy Stay, we know that to make up for some lost time and to mend friendships, you might feel like making some pasta, chicken nuggets or classic maggie. Our cozy kitchen will supply the tools you need to make bonds over good food. 


The Clothes Chair:


When you are sleeping at night in your PG, you feel like someone's watching you from the side. You wake up and look in the dark, and you see someone sitting in the chair. You switch on the light and see, it is just a bunch of your dirty clothes on the chair. A mountain of them!!!


When you live in a PG, laziness gets to you. the mountain of clothes accumulates until laundry day, and then the 'Chair' transforms back into the chair. 


When you're at home, mom and dad wash the clothes, but when you are in the PG, it's a task you learn on your own, a life skill that needs to be learned the hard way. 


However, in Cozy Stay Pgs you've got state of the Art amenities such as washing machines, and dryers to solve all your hassles. As hard as it sounds, trust us, it is going to help you out in the long run in the future. 


Some rules are meant to be broken!!!


The PG life is so much more than anything you've ever witnessed. It serves for several stories you can reminisce about in the future as well. Personally, we've all jumped the gate and gone out to party. Taking a night out, going to a pub, and then on a long drive and then come back at 5 am in the morning, when the gates open. When you've settled down with friends this is going to be one of the most endearing experiences ever. 


With a little risk comes a great amount of pleasure. When you are at home you need to get permission from your parents, and you will have to be there before the midnight bell strikes. however, in PGs, you are your own master, and what you do is upon you. So why shouldn't you have some fun?


The Community:


The best thing about the PG life is the 'chosen family' you meet. We aren't sure that everyone will be a top-notch buddy, but we know that you might find some 'diamonds in the ruff'. You meet each other, and then you might hit it off in similar interests, and then organise gatherings or mingle with their friends. This is how connections are made. 


At Cozy Stay, we give importance to community living and to make it as lively as ever, we organise several events. At the clubhouse, we organise movie viewing events, birthday parties and even community gatherings to keep people close and acquaint everyone with each other. If you want to do awesome things, make sure your friends are there to watch it. At least that's what we think. 


The Cozy Story:


It's not every day you get a chance to reminisce on old details. As someone who talks from experience, it was a great step that we all took to venture from home and leave for a PG. The late-night chats, the Maggi, the fun we had and the rules we broke, all come back rushing into our minds when we sit idle in a place. It's something to laugh about and remember when you're with family or when you become grandparents. 


We hope you like this blog. We'll be back with more. So until then, stay Cozy.


Cozy Stay


Live Easy At Cozy


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