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Cozy Console - Property Management for the New Generation of PG Owners

Jan. 28, 2023
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Cities are self-sustaining organisms that are growing at an enormous pace. The new building, sky-high sky scrappers and also several commercial and housing properties are the main backbone of the Indian infrastructure. These buildings or properties are the symbols of growth and efficiency in the landscape and they cannot be stopped.


However, in the case of accommodation facilities or properties,  the owners face a big challenge. We've all had properties from time to time and might have given them for rent to tenants at least once in our life. The first time always hurts and the damages that occur might be not what you expect. Sometimes the tenant does not provide you with consistent rent, sometimes they damage the property and in very rare circumstances they might cause a ruckus in the society and disturb the peace of every living being residing at that complex.


Property Owners reside in places that might be far from the properties and might be engaged in different businesses. They might be working in the service industry, freelancing or working on their own company.


These freedoms of property owners are curtailed in some or the other way and that is something that is unacceptable. Their tensions are being overlooked and this process of being normalised is not a progressive one. Hence a solution is required. 


Many property management companies, like Cozy Colive concept,  have come up in the major cities across India. They offer technology inclusion and bring forth the prop tech industry into the 21st century. 


In this blog,  let's dive into what Cozy Colive Concept has to offer for the residential prop tech industry and how it is changing business interaction between tenants and property owners.


Cozy Colive Concept:


The company has been created in 2020 and has been an epitome of comfort for more than 5000 tenants living across India. They have adapted the concept of coliving that is prominent in the UK, US, and China. In these countries, accommodation facilities have become quite expensive and the expenses for hospitality,  as well as real estate, have skyrocketed resulting in more and more millennials opting for shared accommodation.


Cozy Colive Concept through its venture Cozy Stay has envisioned the same ideology and brought it to India in the 21st century. All properties are IoT enabled, provide state-of-the-art amenities and also provide comfortable accommodation for students as well as working professionals.


However, you might be thinking, if the coliving trend follows through,  wouldn't the good old traditional PG and properties face a huge backlash and succumb to the competitive advantage that has been created by these prop-tech industries. Well, that is how things work. new things replace the old. 


However, Cozy Stay is bent on preserving traditional properties. Through its various services mainly the 'Cozy Console' it tends to turn the tides and give traditional properties a fight chance. So without further adieu let's begin and iterate the various benefits of how Cozy Console is going to help out the busiest of PG owners manage properties efficiently. 


Cozy Console:


Cozy Console is the newest project launched by Cozy Colive Concept Pvt. Ltd in 2022. It is constantly being conquering the proper tech market and paving the way for the digitization of PGs. 


So in simple words, a property management software or application is designed to aid property owners or managers in organising the rental scheme for multiple properties, managing tenants, finances, accounts and resolution of escalations


Features of Cozy Console:


Cozy Console is a subscription-based software that offers a unique backend for use by property owners. If you are away from the property in a far-off country, even within a forest, you've got Cozy console to the rescue. It is software that can be used from anywhere, anytime. 


So the Cozy Console is unique as it is because of its amazing plethora of features and inclusions that help out in the long run. 


Rental Schemes:


Rent collection has been a hassle for years and years. Some people give the rent late, some don't give it at all and it is a problem for property owners. 


In PGs, the issue becomes bigger because the number of tenants is many. If you have multiple PGs, there is no way you can be omnipotent, and manage all properties. That's where Cozy Console's property management software comes in.


With Cozy Console's dedicated features, the console records all tenant rent payment information. It keeps a record of when the due date is when notifications are to be given and also who has been delaying payment so as to take rent in interest. 


It also allows for dismissing defaulting tenants and henceforth, putting business in front of other endeavours.

Property Inquiries:


When you are busy going on with your day, you might get a bunch of calls. Most might be personal and some might be inquiries. You might miss some inquiries and you may attend to one. However, we feel that easier work leads to much more productive work.


Hence, Cozy Console allows for the backend to store the inquiry data of tenants. They can book their room easily through the website and also schedule visits as well. 


This inquiry data can later be used for gathering quality clients and allocating rooms as per their requirements. Single  sharing, 2 sharing, 4 sharing, dormitories, or even couple friendly, anything as per the tenant's preferences.


Inventory Management:


Having multiple properties is quite a hassle and being a single property owner could be overwhelming. Inventory management is necessary so that you know which rooms are vacant and where there are a lot of new vacancies. 


In traditional modes of accommodation, some people might go without attaining accommodation even though it is available. Real-time inventory management is a part of Cozy console and it empowers the property owner to manage things themselves. 


Document cloud storage:


It's 2022, and it's time to say goodbye to paper. No forms are the future of documentation and this software can help you out with that. Rental agreements, declaration forms or affidavits, and whatever you need your clients to sign can be tracked through the console and also these documents can be stored in the cloud storage of Cozy Console. Wherever you are, whatever time you need it, you can check it out in the console storage area. 


Maintenance requests and escalations:


Complaints and feedback are one way that you can improve your service to your tenants and enhance the service for a particular property. In several instances, tenants are not able to raise their queries or problems and hence landlords or property owners cannot handle these issues, Hence several disputes occur. 


Cozy Console is a solution that envisions several facilities for tenants to raise their queries. They can raise a request for cleaning, plumbing or even for vacating the property. Through the Cozy Console property owners can escalate these issues, resolve them and keep tenants happy with their services.


The Cozy Story:


Property management is a busy and problem-filled industry but with the right tools, you can make it as easy as ever. When you are far away from the properties or you have multiple properties in hand, it's time to delegate work and expand your reach through prop-tech software. 


Cozy Console is the one-shot solution that endeavours to connect property owners and tenants and manage their issues in any way possible.

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