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Conversations To Have With Your Roommate

April 12, 2022
5 min


When you are in your teens, right out of school, heading over to college, it tends to be a big life change. It is quite scary but exciting as well. You're starting a new phase of your life and this might shape you up to be the person you want to be. However, as a college student or as a bachelor one of the scariest things that I've had to go through is choosing a roommate. 


A roommate is kind of like your secret keeper, your family member or a means of support for those days when you are down. Living with people you barely know or have an understanding of could be quite frightening. Talking from experience, I've had friends who've had good experiences and bad experiences with roommates, but we should only take the positive aspects of it, right?


It takes just a while to know your roommate and turn them into lifelong buddies. If you're lucky, they might even turn into family. When you move into a room or if someone moves into the room it's best to have a few conversations to break the ice and understand what type of person your roommate is. It only takes 5 minutes to ascertain this aspect, and I've got the questions to help you out. 


Through this blog, we'll help you out with all you need to know about conversations with your roommate. So let's dive in.


Cleanliness - Are you particular or "too particular" about it?



Cleanliness is something that is required when you reside in a room. It's not just a random room but your sanctuary or escape from reality when you want to blow off some steam or when you want to be alone for a while. So if the room is clean and pleasant looking, it bodes well for you and of course your roommate as well. 


The complication with this question is that people have different conceptions of cleanliness levels. Some people usually wash their dishes immediately after use, and others get to scrubbing at the end of the day. In rooms where smell can disburse quickly, that's not a great option right. Some consider sweeping every day a normal thing, while some consider sweeping on a weekly basis is enough. 


So get your cleaning priorities straight. It just takes 5 minutes to have this conversation, and it could potentially mean the difference between staying in a castle and a pigsty. 


However, now coliving establishments such as Cozy Stay offer cleaning services within the vicinity, so you could cozy up and take a nap while they take care of everything for you. Life's pretty good huh?

The roommate's guide to cozy ZZZ's:


The roommate's guide to cozy ZZZ's


Well, when we talk about roommates and sleeping, the only conversation piece that comes up is "are you a night owl or early bird special?". 


This is quite a big issue when you're moving in with someone or if someone has moved in with you. You have to have this conversation anyhow because you can schedule things or make adjustments accordingly. 


It's quite evident that a sleepy owl is a cranky owl, so don't invade each other's sleeping times. The best thing to understand is when either of you sleeps and make adjustments accordingly. 


If you are a night owl and your roommate is an early bird, you should respect each other's feelings. You could either work or study under a lamp light while your roommate can wear a sleeping mask so that they can enjoy their sleep, and you could enjoy your night up alone. 


If you are both from the same species then you don't need to worry about a thing. All will be fine. 


The introvert and extrovert zone:


We all know that in this world there are introverts and extroverts. In the roommate world it is the same. Introverts love their privacy and hate entertaining people (Coming from a grade-A introvert. Lol!!), and of course, extroverts have unbelievable energy for shenanigans and fun. Both are like yin and yang so you've got to make boundaries for each other.


When you're having a gem night, or guests over at your room, you should let them know beforehand so that your roommate can make plans accordingly or join you in your fun. It's always good to communicate and know what the other person thinks is reasonable guest timing. A peaceful room is like a smooth sailing ship. No worries, just chilling.


Speakers and Headphones:


Speakers and Headphones:

We all love music and movies, but at certain hours it irritates our ears and wakes us up in a frenzy. If your roommate loves to put the speakers on high volume while they take a bath or just sit and read, and it irritates you, you should definitely have a conversation. There is no harm in stating the obvious and asking your buddy to wear some headphones and listen to it privately. You might not like the songs they listen to, and might just irritate the heck out of you.


So next time you meet your new roommates, ask them not just about their sleeping hours but also about their affinity towards blasting music. 




This lesson is not just for roommates, but for couples as well. Boundaries come in different ways. There are professional boundaries, and there are personal boundaries. 


Sharing a home entails that you share responsibilities and several other things, but your personal or professional space is your own. Having your own space in a shared living space is quite a necessary thing. You might need it for an escape from your hectic life, or you need a cozy space to study. 


It's always best to discuss your boundaries with your roommate, set clear rules for personal areas and to leave you alone at a certain time. In a shared space you will get less personal space, however, the one you get is always necessary. When you keep boundaries, it helps you grow as a person and helps you get in tune with your roommate as well. 


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