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Coliving - Better, Flexible and Affordable than Apartment

April 9, 2022
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Coliving is quite a new trend that has been up and coming in metropolitan cities. Coliving is trendy and has been stacking up pretty well compared to apartments.


Bangalore is quite trendy for the youth travelling towards the city in search of opportunities. In our personal experience when you're moving to a new city, most of us stay with a family member or a friend for a few days until we can find a place for ourselves. 


Even though we've come to chase opportunities here, it is not easy to move into a new place. Honestly speaking, finding a place in the city as a bachelor is one of the most stressful and complicated things to go through in life.


Several societies have created rules for themselves stating that bachelors are not allowed in the society because of differences between their traditions?. Another issue mostly noted is that the rate of rent is higher for bachelors as compared to families because of a misconception or purposeful assumption that bachelors will damage the property. 


As bachelors, students or even working professionals, we are a new race and want privacy and amenities catered to us. So why not try out coliving?


Well, we are going to tell you the main reasons why coliving is better than apartments in several ways. Let's dive in!!


Coliving Vs Apartments - Affordability:


Coliving Vs Apartments - Affordability

Whoever has searched for apartments in the big city knows that it's a hassle to find an apartment. It is too expensive as well.


When you try to rent an apartment, there is a horrifically large deposit that has to be given to the owner. Adding to that, you have to give several month's rent in advance and finally, 1 month's rent to the broker who got us the place. Adding to this, there is a rental agreement where half of the amount has to be paid by you and it is quite expensive indeed. All of these amounts are non-negotiable and even if you had negotiated any of this amount, there wouldn't be much of a difference. All these amounts are initial and, if you factor in the addition of furniture within it, you can imagine that it's going to rack up your wallet and leave a crater size hole within it.


As bachelors we are young, we are just starting out in our careers or we're students studying at a college. Hence, the amount of money we can dish out is kind of low. Hence coliving is perfect for you.


Coliving spaces offered by companies such as Cozy Stay will only levy a rent and deposit that is as expensive as buying a guitar. All furniture and cabinets are included, and you need not buy anything else. The property is welcoming and you can invest your money in yourselves rather than spending it on unnecessary expenses at an apartment.


The Convenience that Coliving Offers:


Moving into a new apartment is quite exciting in the beginning. The view, the comfort and all things attached are so attractive but, after that, you get something called "renter's remorse". You start to understand that, once you've signed the lease to your new home, your work ain't over!!


There are a plethora of things to take care of such as setting up utilities, paying monthly bills such as wifi, gas, electricity or any other kind of utilities. 


Adding to all of this you might need to decorate the apartment and might need to hire a cleaner. If your roommate decides to leave in the middle of your rental period, there is also the hassle of finding someone new. The problems and troubles of apartment residing are endless.


It takes time and effort that you cannot afford at this point in time. You need to relax and have a Cozy Stay. In a coliving space like Cozy Stay, you won't have to worry about any of these things because it'll be taken care of by us. We've decorated the place and it looks fresh and trendy. There is always daily cleaning conducted there and, Cozy Stay shall worry about replacing your roommate, you don't have to go through that hassle.


Spend time and money on things you love, not get pulled into trivial stuff like this.

Coliving and the Community:

Coliving and the Community:



Apartments are quite convenient when you want to party with your friends. There are no time limits or any such there but, the issue is with the neighbours. When the partying gets too noisy, the security calls you or a fellow neighbour comes to your doorstep to tell you to stop partying and that might lead to conflict.


Making friends as an adult is a quite difficult process for our age. According to a 2019 survey conducted, almost 30% of Millennials "often" or "always" feel lonely or abandoned in some or another way. 


Coliving is endeavouring to solve these problems by offering a built-in community of people with common liking. Cozy Stay has a community known as Cozy Clan. Through these services, coliving spaces allow for the mingling of people who're interested in sharing meals, hosting movie nights or talking about each other's day. The best part is there is a plug and play system at play because coliving allows you to socialise whenever you wish to and be alone whenever you need to without interference from anyone.

Live Light if You're Coliving:


Live Light if You're Coliving:


The biggest issue with apartments is that you have to buy a lot of furniture. A couch, bean bag chairs, beds, mattresses, toiletries, a stove and the list goes on and on. When you move to new places each year, it is a big hassle to move all this stuff. Don't get us started with the transportation charges. They charge like crazy. 


The benefit of moving into a furnished co-living space is that it offers the ability to live light. Instead of going through the hassles of furniture hunting, to indulge in a toss and sell routine in the vent you move out, you can buy cool stuff for your bedroom because all other essential stuff will be provided to you by the coliving space. This is the next generation, and minimalism is the name of the game. 


All amenities such as a washing machine, kitchen, a fridge and all others are provided by the coliving space, so all you've got to do is relax and live your perfect life. Think of the money you can save and the money you can spend on other stuff.


The Cozy Story:

We've all been there. Finding new places to stay at, moving from one place to another, bearing expenses and it is quite hassled and financially frustrating. We don't want you to go through the same and hence, coliving is better than apartments in every way. 


There's a reason why co-living has become popular among bachelors, and if you're looking for affordable options with a sense of community, whilst sharing a room with roommates, whilst not bearing any complication with regards to them moving out. You don't even have to deal with the upfront costs of leasing or furnishing the entire home. So if you want a place to yourself to live in peace and also simultaneously a place that can offer you connections then coliving is the way to go.


We hope you found the blog helpful. Until next time. See ya!!


Cozy Stay

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Coliving - Better, Flexible and Affordable than Apartment

Coliving is quite a new trend that has been up and coming in metropolitan cities. Coliving is trend…