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Coliving and How it’s Student Friendly

Jan. 28, 2023
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As students, we all remember those good old hostel days, when we made new friends, figured out what life has to offer and also the hardships that came along the way. What we remember about our hostel life might be nostalgic, but the hygiene and the hardships we faced were quite the hassle. 


As young adults living in different cities, we know that hostel life comes with its problems but also a set of good values associated with it. It built up independence, tenacity, an urge for survival and personal management skills. It had its values.


Cozy Stay believes that the hostel infrastructure has many values to impart to the students and hence, has managed to bring about the traditional infrastructure with technologically enabled properties to maximise comfort at affordable rates. So without further adieu let's begin the discussion as to why Cozy Stay is one of the best choices for student-friendly accommodation.




The important thing about living together in a coliving facility is to meet like-minded people but also experience different cultures too. Meeting different cultures together. We believe that college or university is not just about the curriculum but building character, a newfound sense of belonging and figuring out who you are as a person. So don't you think you need a few friends around to make it happen? 


The answer is yes. 


At Cozy Stay, join the cozy clan and become a part of the community that you deserve. Meet like-minded people, make plans, go out into the world and create memories with your newfound memories. That's what college is all about!!


State of the Art Amenities:


When we were college students, we remember that a few days there wasn't water to take bath or drinking water after 12 am when you usually need it. Lol!!


However, when it comes to the new generation, it needs a splash of authenticity and quality. When you live in a hostel, you don't need to worry about paying for utilities, amenities or even wifi, it's all covered in your rental plan.


When you talk about state-of-the-art amenities, Cozy Stay comes to mind. It's got a clubhouse, laundry areas, free wifi, TVs, ac and so much more at affordable prices. 


Low cost of living:


The biggest issues with moving to a new city or a new state are language, finding a place to live and the price tag that comes along with it. We've come across that finding an apartment is difficult, and the PGs or hostel doesn't provide an in-depth understanding of what we need. 


The main thing about coliving PGs is that it is affordable and has a low cost of living. A coliving space offers housekeeping, laundry, wifi, gaming zones, and so much more. All expenses are included within the rent, and that's what coliving stands for. State of the art service for affordable rates. 


Privacy & Acceptance of Community:


When you're going to college, we know the immense pressure and the number of projects that you'll have to undertake. So you need a little bit of privacy and focus. Hence, coliving facilities such as Cozy Stay provide single occupancy rooms for the best of privacy. You could work on your projects, watch movies, set up a workstation, start with your podcasts, and so much more at a private destination of your own. 


However, the beautiful thing about coliving facilities is that once you step out of your beautiful space, the world of communal relations and experience of new cultures will excite you. Meet a lot of like-minded people from different cultures, and this will pave the way to a newfound perspective on life. 




The residential infrastructure serves to be a reminder that you can attain comfort and promise communal relations in one place. Coliving facilities such as Cozy Stay offer a fully equipped clubhouse for offering a relaxing setting and also fun and games as well. Imagine you've had a very frustrating day at college with all those projects, too much information to consume and also you are in a bad mood, well that's why you need a relaxing place to come home to relax. That's where the clubhouse comes in.


Watching movies on our movie nights, chilling out at the clubhouse basking in the view or just listening to music is all you need to get in the mood. At Cozy Stay, the clubhouse comes with a few bean bag chairs, a fully equipped gym, and also the best amenities to make your lives cozy. Hence it is one of the best avenues for students. 




Now, who doesn't like food, right?


It is an instant relief and is also something that calms us down. The life of a student is complicated. There are several emotional pressures, peer pressure, worries about studies, and so much more. Sometimes the perfect sustenance can get you going and put you on the path of sanity. 


At Cozy Stay, we have set up a pantry that can help you make all your favourite cuisines as you like them. When you have cravings for midnight maggie, some good anda bhurji or any special treat you need, take advantage of the fine pantry and take something good to soothe your senses. 


Furthermore, gorge on some hot beverages like hot chocolate, green tea, soothing tea or mood-boosting coffee. Whatever you need, Cozy Stay's pantry has it all.


Zero Deposit:


The people in the past generations have always faced a big problem as students and that was regarding the deposit. Each apartment we looked at had exorbitant amounts of deposit ranging from 50000 -2 lakh or more for a basic 2 bhk apartment. It was too much to ask for as a student however the times have changed. 


At Cozy Stay, we offer the zero deposit scheme through our association with Equaro guarantees. Through this plan, we can offer the students' deposit free to move in, and only the rent has to be paid. Enjoy the comfort, amenities and the feel of coliving minus the exorbitant amounts of deposit. As far as a student is concerned saving that much money, you could invest in your various activities.


The Cozy Story:


Stepping out of home, and venturing into the new world of college or university is quite a wonderful transition. However, leaving your comfort zone and moving to an independent lifestyle might seem quite difficult, but it's a part of life that you cannot skip over. Living at home will not enable you to face real-world challenges, but you will gradually create a persona for yourself throughout the college years. 


Cozy Stay is one of the up and coming establishments that offers the best of coliving facilities at affordable prices. Students are the main focus group who require comfort, privacy and a sense of communal belonging, and coliving facilities offer the same. As a student, you go through a lot of changes, physically, mentally and the perspectives also change. Cozy Stay believes that comfort and a place to wind down is the only way to flourish once minds have a prosperous future. Hence, coliving is the way to go for students. 


We hope the blog was helpful. Until next time, see ya!!


Cozy Stay


Live Easy At Cozy


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