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A 2022 Guide to Commercial Real Estate Marketing

May 19, 2022
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It's almost 2022 guys!! 2021 has been one crazy ride and it has opened the doorway to technology and ways which we cannot even imagine. For the past 2 years, people have been working from home, comfortably in front of their PC's. Well, it's back to reality now and offices are reopening with minor restrictions. However, are commercial real estate opportunities open?


Commercial real estate has been transforming and innovating in such a way so as to accommodate the new trends and requirements of the people. These requirements may include the prices of products, varieties, amenities and feasibility of locations.


2021 was one year of innovation, and many residences have come up to solve the residential issue. The demand for quality commercial establishments are on the rise, and of course, people want comfort in an instant. In this fast-moving world, the inclusion of flexibility is one such factor that affects the overall experience. 


Commercial real estate coupled with the concept of new technology has immense potential and of course scalability. It can potentially become a driving force in the industry. With the introduction of new and innovative ways of marketing your properties and also through the introduction of the model tenancy act, 2021, it is evident that the potential for residential properties is on the rise.  


So let's welcome 2022 with a bang, and venture into some commercial real estate marketing ideas for this new year ahead of us.


New Commercial Real Estate Marketing Trends:


New Commercial Real Estate Marketing Trends



When it comes to commercial real estate marketing or the new paths to follow involve the initiation and implementation of the right strategies. These particular strategies must develop maximum visibility to your commercial real estate. 


The potential opportunities of this enterprise will depend upon the creation of a multi-channel approach to marketing and advertising strategies that may help drive interest for your properties, create a trust for your brand and maximize revenue potential. So here are some unique marketing trends to look forward to in 2022 for your commercial real estate.


Round Up Your Audience:


Your audience is the most integral part of the whole marketing process. The path that you will pursue to market your company and the properties shall depend very much on the audience, their interests, requirements and also the way you approach them.


You have to inculcate some time to define who your audience is, and see what makes them tick. A good way to assess this situation is to take note of what your direct competitors are up to. Their audience is the same audience you seek, so following their practices might benefit you in the long run.


Build a buyer persona or segment your audience based on shared characteristics in the method of geography, buyer type, buyer criteria, etc.


Blogging Your Way to Success:




It is no surprise that blogging is an integral part of the marketing mechanism. A company blog is always a great idea to spruce up the marketing scheme and can potentially have a massive impact on search engines, social media visibility and is also a great insightful idea to educate and spread awareness to the audiences. 


It is also a great way to put the word out on the street that your company knows the game and knows how to play it. The knowledge base you provide is potentially a marketing tool to attract new clients. 


Be the Newsmaker:


You've already got a blog to set yourself apart from the rest and make you an authority in your field. In addition to this, you should consider creating a new section or a press release section. You can feature important company updates, new offers, new projects and new product launches. This will give your audience and clients an impression that your company is up and ever-growing. It will inculcate trust in them and attract more clients to the commercial real estate establishment. 

Virtual Reality Property Visualizations:


Virtual Reality


We are truly in a magnificent era of technology and it would be a shame if you didn't use it to its full potential. Virtual reality and AR inclusions are one such technology that has benefited the commercial real estate industry.


People are living life by the minute and don't have a single second to wait. If they are given the option to peruse through the inventory and the interior of your beautiful establishment. 


It can be used for online shopping endeavours and it also opens a wide variety of uses. It's something to definitely take into consideration.


Live the Linkedin Life:


When LinkedIn began, it was a place to connect with your colleagues, but now it has become an efficient mechanism of creating professional relationships. People ascertain one's professional expertise through this platform.


Its 500 million + users include the biggest fish in the sea and the industries included are commercial real estate, finance, investors or legal practitioners. It offers the best engagement platform that includes intuitive content posts, group discussion and search functions for specific categories. Its intuitive targeting system helps startups create leads through inbound marketing, attracts clients and talent towards the commercial real estate establishment.

SEO and Paid Campaigns: