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Coliving Spaces and Building a Community in Bangalore

Dec. 22, 2021
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A community is something special indeed. It is the unifying of a set of people and creating a family of people. A person in the city, who's new but is having trouble adjusting, can always do good with community support. The community sustains an individual, it nurtures them and inculcates new ideologies and happiness within them. The whole experience shall provide for a wonderful experience of growth and solidarity in the long run.


Coliving spaces in Bangalore, are the future of tomorrow and inculcate a new venture to redefine the community.  Shared living spaces potentially means creating a conduit for sharing. It lets you live as part of a community with shared living space, whilst attending a social event, and at the end of the day, go to sleep, happy that you've done something in life.


The need for a community




Loneliness and depression is something that has been around for a while but it has become a growing problem now for quite a long time now. Before the pandemic, people were migrating to new cities. They were experiencing new things, but yet, after that long day of work, spending time with like-minded people was far from the question.


Technology can bring us closer to a limit, but it's inadvertently splitting us apart and creating a wedge between humankind. Co-living enterprises such as Cozy stay, offer a humble abode to live in and also a bundle full of happiness and friend for a lifetime. 


The recent covid 19 pandemic has created a wedge between people, mostly because of social distancing and of course due to isolation in one's home. The lack of human interaction is a time when people go crazy. As we were working from home, we had those urges to go out, have fun with friends, have a nice cold beer, and dance on a party floor or just witness the sunrise from a mountain top. As the pandemic is winding down to its climax, it's about time to socialize and mingle with people. Get your groove back. Here's why coliving in Bangalore, is going to get you back in your game and conversing with people.


Knowing everyone


You got to solve a puzzle!! It's not as complicated as it sounds, but as a community, it's always best to introduce each other. So basically there are two factions as far as I know. Introverts who hate social interaction, my kind of people and there are extroverts, who just love talking and mingling with people.


The main difference between these two factions is that introverts always have to recharge their battery. So it's best to mingle with people, the extroverts will take care of that. 


Coliving spaces organize events so that you may meet up and plan future interactions as well. Due to the IoT enabled technological inclusions, once a new person joins the coliving space, a message shall be sent, intimating that a new person has joined the clan. This dissemination of data actually sparks a light to engage in conversation. 


By introducing people virtually, spaces are being created where everyone can interact from the comfort of their comfy rooms and quickly be accommodated to new people. People can share interests, hobbies and share their views on certain aspects. It's the most interesting time. Who knows? You might find a friend who'll be into the weird stuff you're into!!


Connecting hearts


Connecting hearts


The thing about co-living spaces is that they are all about creating bonds. I mean, they are basically called co-living spaces, so it's pretty much in the name. 


Colving spaces have a history of hosting certain events to bring people together. All of us might be working or studying, so our schedules will be all over the place. A common hour that everyone is available shall be noted and new experience shall be offered.


It's pretty cool if you and your movie buff friends can get together and watch a movie trilogy, then that would be pretty refreshings. If you are a hardcore gamer, then say no more, relive the good old days when you used to play games as a group and shoot to kill your opponents. 


Binge-watching shows on a binge-watch event day will be pretty fun and a great opportunity to know your neighbours. 


Giving tenants what they want


Don't you get irritated when you talk about anime to your friends, and they say that this just cartoon for kids. Oh man, we've been there and done that.


For a while, you won't mind but after some time, it'll be like why is this happening.? 


It is crazy when this happens and coliving spaces have a solution for the same. Events shall be organized for specific communities to cater to their interests. If you are a football fanatic, get into a room, dish it out with your soccer friends and watch the matches on the big screen.


If you a cooking fanatic, meet like-minded people who love the art and engage always. Coliving spaces don't keep repeating the same things, they improve and upgrade to cater to each tenant's interests. It's all about keeping you engaged and happy to the point of no return. Just kidding, we just want you to chill!!!


Their Own Cozy Stay


own cozy stay


To feel like home. It's not just an ad campaign to sell the room and levy rent. Co-living spaces truly provide the experience of feeling like home. 


The interaction with people, engaging and bonding with each other creates a safe and secure environment. 


Each individual requires space, and this space needs to be their own. The concept of co-living might be about sharing values but it is also about respecting boundaries. 


It is always a delight to get that homely experience, and if family or friends all arrive, there are always opportunities to accommodate them at the coliving space. To chill with them in the lobby, and discuss the affair with them is always a fun time of day. The maximum level of comfort at the most affordable prices is what makes co-living a wonderful option.




As a community word travels fast and also through the inclusion of technology that word reaches faster than ever. Co-living spaces like Cozy stay always create event banners or intimations in advance to let the community understand what the next event is. RSVPs' are collected and then events are organized.


Imagine friends season 5 binge-watching session. I mean that is something to look forward to with friends. Laughing, and crying at the sight of each episode, it is quite a treat indeed. 


Schedules are created and you can plan your days accordingly. Easy peasy right?


Comfort with Cozy Stay


It's not every day that you move into a new place, meet new people. It's quite a difficult thing to get far from home and be alone. When you move for the first time, there is doubt, there are second thoughts, homesickness and also anxiety but with some good company, it's something that can be overcome. With co-living spaces, a home away from home is actually realized. A comfy and cozy community is formed and it will help tenants in the long run. hostel diaries are one that creates memories, and we wish to give you the satisfaction of comfort. 


Until Next time. See ya!!


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