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15 Type of Roommates You Will Meet In a Hostel or PG

Jan. 5, 2022
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Roommates form a family away from home. Roommates are people with whom you share your food, sleep, money, privacy, naughty jokes, dreams, belongings, and so on.


Many people have met their movie heroes, business partners, and lifelong friends through their roommates. They are necessary if you are missing your home.


What makes roommates unique is that you can meet people from various cultures and personalities who may be difficult for you at first, but you will adore them later.


Here are 15 different types of roommates you might encounter if you live in a PG or hostel.


1. The Party Animal




For these guys, every weekend is a party. They don't care about exams, assignments, project submissions, or anything else, and they'll party regardless.

Enjoy it with your roommate if they are such a party person. They will introduce you to other interesting people at your college. However, make sure that you do not neglect your studies or assignments.

Set your limits and inform them ahead of time that you will only be available to party on weekends.


2. The Avid Reader




They simply read books. They enjoy reading fiction, nonfiction, and academic books. So, if you have a roommate like this, you can quickly develop a reading habit.

Good readers can provide you with a wealth of information while also assisting you with your studies. However, keep the following two points in mind: 1) Never touch their books without their permission; 2) safely return their books.


3. Mr/Mrs. Perfect




If you live with a senior or a married person, there is a chance that person will be naggy. They will vilify you for the smallest of wrongdoings. This is especially common in girls hostels and Pgs, where some of your roommates don't like you arriving late, leaving the room untidy, and so on because they expect you to be perfect like them.

It is not necessary to completely obey them, but make sure you do not irritate them.


4. The Night Cat




This is a typical type of roommate. They will stay awake until 2 a.m., watching movies, studying, or doing anything else that generates noise and light. Of course, these will disrupt your sleep.

To tackle such mates, inform them that you are disturbed and request to use dim lighting, lower volume, or other spaces at night.


5. The muddled one




These guys throw their pants in a chair, shirts in bed, and inners on the table. When you later enter the room, all you see is an ugly unwashed inner laughing at you.

You will find it challenging to manage such roommates, but you can involve them in cleaning activities with you. Make it easier for them to maintain the cleanliness of the room. For example, if their dresses are all over, get them a dress bag to keep their used dresses in.


So that they can be in charge of cleaning, ask them to split the costs of such expenses.




6. The Chef




It's a blessing to have such a roommate. They will make your chai, Maggi varieties and can transform bland foods into something delicious.

If you have such a roommate, offer to assist them in the kitchen to motivate them to cook more dishes.


7. The Travel photographer



They are only interested in two things: travel and photography. They didn't have the most up-to-date phone cameras or race bikes, but they had a lot of passion. On weekends, they'll leave the room before you wake up, and you'll only find out where they are when they post their travel photos in status.

If you have such a roommate, prepare to go with them the next time they leave. You'll get to see a lot of new places, especially hidden gems, and take some fantastic photos. New places and excellent photos are simply incredible and godly.


8. The Topper