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10 Effective Safety Tips You Can Follow Easily in a Hostel or a PG in Bangalore

Jan. 3, 2022
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Staying away from home is both exciting and challenging. It’s even more challenging in the current situation. Coronavirus cases are still active in the bigger cities with a dense populations.

It highlights the necessity of staying safe and taking precautions. The lifting of lockdowns does not mean that the virus has been eradicated. To ensure your safety, you should continue to do the essentials when staying in a hostel or pgs

Apart from these, there are a few other factors of your safety in hostels or PGs, such as CCTV, touch-free systems, and so on, that have become mandatory safety practices.

Let us dive deeper into this one by one


1. Sanitize Everyday



Sanitization is the first and simplest thing you can do to ensure your safety. Washing your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizers is what you are asked to do every single day by healthcare officials. Yes, because they are extremely significant, so keep doing it every day. Also, sanitise the packages, fruits, vegetables, and other items you buy from outside. 


2. Disinfect common touchpoints



Even if your room is private, clean all of the common touchpoints. Tables, desks, door handles, toiletries, shelves, and windows are some of the common touchpoints.

For maximum security, you should also sanitise your laptops, mobile phones, wallets, bike keys, headsets, id cards, and so on. Because the virus can live on these surfaces easily.



3. Focus on Personal Hygiene



Personal hygiene benefits not only your personality but also your health. So take a bath every day, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and wash your clothes regularly. Wash the clothes you wear outside separately and thoroughly, as they may contain infections.


4. Exercise Regularly



Exercise strengthens your immune system, and a strong immune system protects you against viral infections. That is the significance of exercise. Even if you live in a shared or small room, you can do basic workouts for a few minutes every day.

“Something is better than nothing”  


5. Keep your room and toilet clean



Keeping your room messy has long been promoted as a characteristic of a bachelor life, but this is no longer the case. You should keep your room clean or there is a high risk of infections that will cause illness, and a messy room will also have an impact on your mental health.

You should prioritize bathroom cleanliness. In most pgs or hostels, the bathroom is shared by more than one person, making it a common site for the spread of infections. So everyone should clean the bathroom before and after they use it.


6. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food


Hostel food is often bad, so you may be tempted to eat out frequently. There is nothing wrong with it, but keep in mind what you eat and how frequently you eat it. If you eat outside, make sure the hygiene and food ingredients are up to standard. Because eating unhealthy, uncooked, and contaminated foods will affect your immunity.

The simple solution is to eat more fruits and vegetables every day and to request healthy and tasty foods from your Pg or hostel management, or to move to a place that serves good food. Food is a basic necessity, and you should not compromise on it.


7. Stock up Emergency Medicines



Keep a first-aid kit and emergency medications on hand for common illnesses such as a cold, headache, fever, stomach aches, and so on. However, do not purchase medicine on your own. Consult your doctor before purchasing and storing medications to assess what is best for you. These emergency medications will aid you in times of need, eliminating the need for panic. If first aid does not work, contact a doctor right away.


8. Keep an Emergency Fund Always



While staying in a hostel or pg in Bangalore, you should keep an emergency fund, similar to emergency medicine. This will come in handy if you have a medical emergency or a travel emergency. 

9. Request Safety Devices



Examine the safety measures in your PG in Bangalore or hostel and ensure that you are using them responsibly. Request your management to install critical safety mechanisms like CCTV cameras, thermal scanners, sanitizations, biometric systems, and IoT-enabled devices.

Do your Pg in Bangalore or hostels ignore these measures by labeling them as luxuries rather than necessities?

If this is the case, please move out

These are essentials to reduce the need for multiple touchpoints and increase your safeness.

No compromises.


10. Choose a PG wisely



The quality of your stay will be greatly influenced by the accommodation you choose. Take a moment to consider whether your current living situation makes it easier or more difficult for you to follow the aforementioned tips.

If yes, you are lucky

if not, ask yourself this question

Do you believe you deserve better accommodations with all of the amenities designed to make your stay more secure?

Do you know why you believe you are deserving of more?

Because you deserve better.



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