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Top Business Hotels in Bangalore, 2022

Jan. 30, 2023
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Bangalore is rightly known as the silicon valley of India for all the enhancements and advanced technology it has brought into the fold of India's landscape. As of the 1980s and with the inclination toward new software policies, Bangalore became a ground for the advancements in IT and infrastructure. 


With the inception of Texas Instrument Inc. in 1985, it became the first MNC to seek its roots in Bangalore. Now with the inception of big MNCs and startups, Bangalore is on its way to being a revolutionary R &D haven for technology. 


So with all these innovations and business endeavours occurring in the city, quality accommodation is in need. Hence, several big players in the industry have come up with the best-in-class business hotels in Bangalore. 


So here are the best business hotels in Bangalore to look out for this 2022. So without further adieu, let's begin.


Sai Vishram Business Hotel:


This hotel is located in the heart of the electronic city. The hotel is one of the best locations for travellers for business as well as for a relaxing getaway from all the hassles of the city. It accommodates several people in its luxurious 252 bedrooms. 


This property is ideal for businessmen and women, travelling for work as it is close to all IT & manufacturing hubs and hence is the best place for employees, managers and founders of companies to mingle in. 


The hotel incorporates a health-conscious policy, wherein they have included a smoke-free, alcohol free and meat-free policy for all travellers so that when you are in work mode, you'll be on your game. The hotel also includes a well-established spa. a rooftop pool, and an award-winning restaurant that will serve wholesome pure vegetarian food to all its customers. 


So when you are thinking of residing in an electronic city, this is the place for you. 

The Leela Palace, Bangalore:


The creme de la creme and the majesty of hospitality is the Leela Palace. This magnificent hotel has been "ranked 10 among the top ten city hotels in Asia by the Travel & Leisure Reader's Choice award 2019." 


This amazing hotel is nestled amidst 7 acres of lush gardens and a sparkling lagoon and has a royal intrigue to the location. It has taken inspiration from the artistic excellence of the artisans of the bygone era and has been created in the style of the Royal Palace of Mysore. Its domes. Arches and amazing ceilings reflect the grander places and what they had to offer. 


It is situated in the Old airport road and taking into consideration business endeavours, it is close proximity towards the Embassy Gold Links and convenient to Whitefield & Electronic city business districts. It is also convenient from the KGA golf course if you want to have a spot for golf. 


The hotel is incorporated with all the attributes of comfort, technology and architecture which goes in tandem with the leading hotels of the world. It also offers State of the art facilities and regal elegance combined providing a tremendous grandeur to residents staying there. 


The cherry on top is that it hosts 5 award-winning restaurants including a well-equipped bar as well. 


So if you want to experience luxury at its best, then this is the hotel to be in.


The Lalit Ashok:


Another luxurious business hotel on the list of best business hotels in Bangalore is one to look out for. Its history dates back to 1971 when it was built and has been ever since welcoming guests for over 35 years. It has been a symbol of elegance, luxury and homely comfort for several decades and continues to do so. 


This 5-star hotel in Bangalore is strategically located in one of the highly secured diplomatic enclaves and one of the fun facts about the hotel is that it shares a wall with the Chief Minister's house and offers a lovely view of the Bangalore golf club as well.


The hotel hosts several amenities which include valet parking, a pool, fitness centre, bar/lounge, tennis court and several other good amenities. 


So experience the history of comfort that Bangalore had been accustomed to when you visit the city next for business, leisure or just relaxing. 


The Capitol, Bangalore:


The Capitol, Bangalore is a 4-star hotel that offers grandeur and elegance that is preferred by many travellers visiting Bangalore. It hosts an extensive and impressive collection of rooms that overs looks flora and fauna that Bangalore has to offer. 


The hotel is located ideally in the Central Business District and is a preferred place to hold meetings, events, celebrations, and venues completed with wonderful interiors that depict the grandeur of Indian architecture. 


The hotel offers an extensive collection of 144 luxurious and spacious rooms that will speak to your soul. 


The hotel has amenities including a 32-inch LCD tv, electronic safes to store all your valuables, hair dryers, magnifying mirrors, King size, queen-size or twin beds, mini-bars, microwave oven and of course something every businessman needs Wifi services. 


Speaking of businessmen and companies, the Hotel hosts 8 luxurious Banquet Halls over an area covering 22000 Sq ft. 


The hotel is located in the heart of the city, and the restaurant serves a round the clock menu with buffets, room service and exquisite dishes to die for. 


Recreational facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, an in house travel desk and, so much more. 


Experience the comfort and luxury of Bangalore at Capitol.


The Cozy Story:


Over the years, Bangalore has changed into something of an R&D haven wherein foreign companies from around the world have been basing their hopes and resources. The employees of India have quite the talent for constructing vital resources for companies around the world, and this talent pool is something which is much sought out for. 


Hence, the rise in business hotels in Bangalore has been a good omen. It has been cultivating a culture that is reminiscent of business hubs from around the world such as New York, Tokyo and such. Bangalore is coming onto the fold of the same level and has been providing for a well nourished and relevant ecosystem to bloom. This trend is going to see a rise and will endeavour to pave the path to the rise of Bangalore's prestige on the global scale.

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