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The Jungle Awaits Your Arrival - Best Wildlife Jungle Resorts Near Bangalore

April 19, 2022
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Do you believe in an escape from reality? Well, this generation might be familiar with virtual reality or an open simulated world to escape from their worries. However, some of us are old fashioned and want to inhale the mesmerising natural air, bask in the beautiful sunrise and immerse into the flowing streams of nature. 


Bangalore is considered one of the most modern IT hubs in India and in the world. It hosts a considerable amount of amazing jaw-dropping skyscrapers, monuments and wonderful gardens that are swarming with people all the time. It also is famous for the nightlife and beaming rush of youngsters ruling the night. Well, some days don't you just want to escape from all this rush and all this excitement, just to relax in the midst of a jungle?


No swarming number of people, no honking cars and no annoying colleagues. Doesn't that sound enticing?


Luckily, Bangalore is a city that is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats,the Nilgiris filled with amazing sights. These wonderful environment isunder the protection of the reserves, and the wildlife resorts are built around them which are basically designed to serve their duty towards nature. These lodges and resorts are quite eco-friendly and quaint that supports the wildlife. So let's dive in and uncover the wondrous resorts that Bangalore has to offer.


Kabini River Lodge:

Kabini River Lodge

Forests are one of nature's wonderful creations. Venturing through the forest, discovering new experiences and reconnecting with nature is what makes for one heck of a weekend plan. 


The Kabini River Lodge is located at a peaceful and scenic location within the Nagarhole National Park. This unique resort was introduced for those people that wanted a slice of forest life.  The grassy laws, serene atmosphere and the antiquities that are presented in the aesthetic and style at the hotel rooms bring out the feel quite perfectly. 


This wonderful resort is spread across the KabininRive, immerses you in an old-world charm and gives you an antique feel for being a former hunting lodge. 


The establishment hosts its travellers in Maharaja Cottages and also has 10 cottages, 14 rooms and 6 tents. Bask in the best that nature has to offer at this wonderful resort. 


The resort is located 223 km approximately from Bangalore, so get going to have a wonderful weekend.


The Wilds at Northern Hay, Mudumalai: