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The Beauty of Karnataka - Heritage Site in Karnataka to visit in 2022

Jan. 27, 2023
5 Min

Bangalore is a city like no other. When the night is young, the people head out and party till its dawn. The mornings invite people onto the roads and leads them to their offices where the rest of the day can be spent. However, there is a hidden side to what Bangalore has to offer. 


Bangalore and of course, Karnataka is a place of wisdom, mesmerising beauty and historical significance. Learning about the history of Bangalore and the places nearby can take you into a different dimension and bring a new perspective within you. 


As someone who's moved into Bangalore and a new resident of Karnataka, I've realised that it is evident that there is something different about this place. Even though we've travelled around India, Karnataka has a kind of peaceful and transcendent atmosphere that no other place has, and we guess it can be owed to the beautiful history of Karnataka.


So without further adieu, let's dive into the vivid history that Karnataka has to offer.




Hampi, or the 'City of ruins' has been an important piece of Karnataka's history. We've seen these wonderful monuments in movies and tv shows but witnessing them visually in the real world is a totally different experience. 


Hampi is also a historical place that comes under UNESCO. This wonderful and mesmerising city is known for its ancient temples, archaeological monuments, treasury building and bastions. 


This place is also home to a different kind of culture than other cities which are to be experienced first hand. There are several magical and extraordinary places with historical monuments in Hampi, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience. 


Signature Locations: Virupaksha Temple, Vithala Temple, Hanuman Temple, Hemakuta Hill temple complex


Fun activities: Hampi hosts a variety of adventure activities such as Trekking, camping, museums, nature walks, taxi boat rides, cliff jumping and swimming, and so much more.