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Pet Friendly Resorts Near Bangalore For You and Your Furry Friends

April 12, 2022
5 min

It's not a party until your furry babies tag along. Living with cute furry animals at home is quite relaxing and also quite a lot of work. The pros are more than the cons of course. 


The big city is no place for furry buddies and being cooped up in the apartment is too depressing for them. They need to be free to their heart's content and run around as much as they can freely. 


We all have dogs and, what they will love is to be one with nature. Smell the trees, smell some flowers, eat some leaves, make some friends with other pets, and have the time of their life.


So how about giving them the happiness they deserve? 


Here are the best pet-friendly resorts for your cute furry friends to enjoy a wonderful time. There is an extensive selection of a wide variety of plantations, seaside retreats, and jungle getaways that can be enjoyed with your furry animals. So let's dive into the furry heavens.


VAMA Retreats:

VAMA Retreats

The Nandi Hills is one of the most wonderful destinations to visit for tourists. It hosts vibrant scenery that is breathtaking. 


Located 30 minutes from Bengaluru Airports at the foothills of Nandi Hills, VAMA retreats is a pet-friendly resort that shall pamper your furry buddies. The resort is 180 acres of scenic destination with lakes, vineyards, trees, organic farms and lawns. To put a cherry on top, the resort has a dog pool for your pet to dive into and enjoy a wonderful time. They could swim, bask in the breathtaking mountains and also take in nature as it is. 


While you sip some tea and enjoy your time with your buddies, you can let go of your furry buddies and let them enjoy the environment. It's a safe environment, and you can take them on an exciting trek. 


With a wide variety of outdoor activities, live barbecue and bonfires, food and friends, VAMA retreats is a perfect getaway for your whole family, and that includes your furry buddies.


Backyard Camp:

Backyard Camp:

No. 2 on the list is the Backyard Camp. This is one of the most reasonable options for all tourists. Right on the outskirts of Bangalore, the Backyard Camp is where nature lovers and pets need to be. It's a relaxing time indeed. 


The Backyard Camp hosts a dedicated dog camp, for your furry buddy to run around with other doggos in the camp. The resort's fees are reasonable and come along with treats as well. The resort does not offer food options for dogs so it's best to carry some along.