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Live Music In Bangalore to Get your Spirit Up

Jan. 18, 2022
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The party scene has never been better in Bangalore. The covid 19 pandemic kept us away from the brilliance of live music, parties and also all kinds of party vibes. 


Partying all night long, listening to the beats of the song, singing along to the tunes, with hundreds of other people, It's just rib tickling. It offers an experience like no other.


The moments you see your favourite band or singer performing live could potentially be a life-changing experience definitely. Watching a concert also helps you understand the commitment and dedication that goes into presenting these amazing musical pieces. The feeling truly is an out of the body experience and, none can fathom the renditions of the new generations.  


The Bangalore music scene offers a variety of styles, including rock and metal, as well as soothing South Indian melodies.


Let's take a musical dive into the party scene of Bangalore.

Opus, Sarjapur Road



Opus is a testament to the name, and it is a truly amazing establishment. The locals-only have good things to say about this place. According to them, it is kind of like a slice of Goa that is available in Bangalore. Doesn't that sound nice?

It offers DJs, Jazz, Blues and even metal for all its wonderful audiences. So if you just want to rock and roll and let loose this is the place for you.

People truly enjoy the outskirts of these clubs and enjoy the stellar nights of karaoke they have to offer. Its authentic Greek themed ambience coupled with fine dining opportunities make it a place not to miss. In fact, the Goan food is one to die for and of course is on budget as well.


Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield



Listening to music while kicking back on fine beer, just literally hits the right spot, doesn't it? 

This wonderful establishment brews the finest crafter beers and hosts splendid and lively musicians from across the country. The popular genres that can be experienced here are funk, jazz, global, folk and reggae. 

Several famous musicians have filled the place with cheers, and the names include Lucky Ali, Raghu Dixit project, Blackstratblues and in a surprising turn of events, the popular Carnatic vocalist, Bombay Jayashri. 

It's a wonderful place to chill with your friends and listen to music as much as you want.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ashok Nagar



Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most famous establishments all around the world. It has hosted a plethora of fine musicians and all Bangaloreans will feel at home here. 

This establishment needs no introduction and the music space is widely known for the battle of the bands, an exciting set of events for all events. 

The aesthetic interiors made of stone, the instrument themed decor, and the brick walls create a musical ambience like no other. While you're over there, dancing to the groovy music, don't forget to relish the handcrafted drinks.


NuAir Pebble, Sadashiv Nagar



When you say weird and authentic, this is the place to be, This trendy and rad venue remains open past midnight. It offers lively sessions with upcoming artists putting out their talent. 

As you enter this awesome place, you will be mesmerized with the tunes of Grey Matter, Hard Rock, Metal, Diana King, Distortian Culture and Infected Mushroom. 

These spots combine the mesmerizing blends of live entertainment with delicious food options. Soulful music at its best, to relieve stress and unwind from a hectic day. 


It aids in improving your general well being while letting you unplug from the rest of the world. What more can you ask for?


Get going and enjoy the beauty of this place

B Flat



Bflat, just like the name, is a wonderful endeavour created for all music fans in Bangalore. From jazz to rock, and to even fusion music, B flat has ventured through it all. 

The establishment has been a great platform hosting the very best of new gen talent. It has hostel many new talents to endeavour to represent their artistic expressions, 

The kitchen that this place holds is equally as good as the music they serve. The bar has a choice of the finest cocktail and other concoctions in stock to courteously service the customers. 

This is definitely going to make you feel at home. 


Take 5



Musical choices are one discerning factor of choosing the best place to listen to live music in Bangalore. With all there is to offer in Bangalore, it might sometimes become difficult to select the best spots, 

Take 5 has a loyal following, with all the authentic musical talents hosted on the stage. The establishment is more inclined towards Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock. 

Other than live music, this establishment has hosted stand up comedy sessions, global music, and also karaoke nights. Karaoke nights after drinking a few beers are definitely fun and nothing is better than a lively audience. This place is cool and you shouldn't miss it. 


The Humming Tree



The humming tree is a peaceful and musical project started and envisioned by owner Nikhil Barua. He wanted to provide a safe space for musicians to mingle, collaborate and perform. A musical matrix I believe. 

The humming tree is a venue that prides itself in providing the best of musical experiences, pristine dining and a lively nightlife. The place is not all music but also is a centre for socialising. Several people from different walks of life venture into the place, to seize the day, chill out and also to meet like minded people and socialize.

Located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, the humming tree will provide one of the best experiences for people to experience the magic of music.


Phoenix Marketcity



Phoenix Marketcity has made a name for itself, being one of the high class malls but it also hosts a humongous stage for the talents of tomorrow. 

It's totally huge and, those who go there for the first time, are going to stand in awe, wondering what a magnificent ordeal are we witnessing. 

Being a mall you've got a wide selection of eateries, refreshments stands, to sip a cold brew or a refreshing drink, basking on the music. It's a mesmerizing experience indeed.

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