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Fashion Galore - Top 10 Boutiques in Bangalore

Feb. 23, 2022
4 min

Fashion is one thing that differentiates us from the rest. It stylizes us, gives us confidence, and sets us apart from the rest. Bangalore, the most hip town in India is one of the quickest and most youthful cities that has an unbelievable fashion sense. 


We know that due to covid, we've missed out on a lot of opportunities to dress up as we want and flaunt our styles on the red carpet, but that is changing now. Everything is back in full force so let's just venture through some real radicle boutiques in Bangalore.


These unique boutiques can wonderfully understand your requirements and cater for the clothes that'll match your fashion sense. Be it any event, the elegance of simple festivities, the emotional aura of the wedding, the flair for dancing, or even a heart touching proposal, everything you need is available at these destinations. 


So let's dive into the best boutiques that Bangalore has to offer and witness the new fashion trends it has to offer.


Our Top 10 Boutiques in Bangalore:


To make things easier for you, we've laid down the top 10 picks that we think will make your shopping experience extravagant. So let's "fit" into it!!

1. Lavender, The Boutique:


For about 2 decades, the Lavender boutique has been making waves in Bangalore. It has created a trustworthy following amongst customers and does so to this day. 


The boutique specializes in designer dresses and their main attraction includes attire for special festivities. Bangalore being a land of many festivities, you can imagine how much festive joy this place gets. Several customers have also suggested that the mother and daughter matching dresses are hit.


The boutique is located in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru and is a must-visit place for your ethnic wear and gowns. 

2. Needle Eye Boutique Bangalore:


Weddings are always a happy time for everyone. The lights, the masti, beautiful dresses, and traditional vibes. It's a truly auspicious time and, for the same, you need the best dresses to look amazing. 


The Needle Eye Boutique is famous for its vivid collection of traditional pieces of art, especially lehengas. Weddings call for the bride and the bridesmaids, and their trendy aunts to looking fabulous. These places shall craft the finest of clothes, with creativity and flair. These gorgeous designs will put you in the mood for getting married, and it's all available at affordable prices. 


The needle eye boutique is located in Commercial Street, Bangalore and offers the best selection of blouses and traditional wear that you can find.