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Best Staycations Spots Around Bangalore

Jan. 13, 2022
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We know it's been a long year and a frustrating one at that. A lot of events transpired, several covid 19 variants arose, offices started and then went back into work from home and as it seems, things are taking a different turn altogether. 


A vacation is always enriching. It takes your mind off of your troubles and helps you embrace the true beauty of each stay. A weekend away with family and friends, partying all night or relaxing at the spa is just what you may need to change your life upside down.


A staycation is just that picker-upper that you need to turn your life around. Maybe this might be that vacation you need to reconnect with your loved ones or even meet someone new to bring into your life. You never know what life has in store for you.


This blog will give you an idea of all the cool staycation spots around and next to Bangalore to enjoy and embark on a relaxing journey. Let's dive into it!!

A Jungle Experience in Kabini





The forests are calling to you and it's for one reason. The serene jungle, the chirping of birds in the morning, the appearances of deer at night and a jungle experience that never ceases to amaze you.


Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini is an exquisite addition to the safari living experience. Many places do offer the same, but Kaav Safari has a grandeur to creating a peaceful stay altogether. The resort is located in the renowned Nagarhole National Park. 


This wonderful staycation is located almost 202 km from Bangalore. The rooms which have a view of the humongous Nagarhole National Park, have an elegance attached to them. There is also an option to book a luxurious tent to feel the charm of nature. 


For all those thrill-seekers out there, there are a variety of activities catered to you. The main attractions are boat safari and jungle safari. So embark on a journey into the wild today.

Country Club Wildlife Resort, Bandipur




The wilderness is a spectacle and, what better place to witness it than in Bandipur. Quoting a personal experience, we were just driving down the road, just exploring the wild, breathing in the fresh air, and we saw a family of elephants and to put the cherry on top, two little elephants. The cuteness was unimaginable and we believe you can witness the same too.

The name of the resort is enough to induce a sense of thrill and adventure, The Country Club Wildlife Resort would be the perfect choice for you. It offers a blend of scenic beauty and wildlife experiences that you won't miss for the rest of your life. 


The resort is located almost 220 km away from Bangalore. As per our cozy suggestions, a little birdie told us that to get the best view of the wildlife, the cottages will offer it. 


As for what the staycation itinerary suggests, there are plenty of fun-filled adventures to keep your adrenaline rush at an all-time high. They've got trekking, bird watching tours, cycling in the woods (Ooh!!! that sounds exciting) and relishing the bonfire to commemorate those wonderful experiences.


This will be a good time you will never miss.

A Spa Weekend




A spa is something people in India definitely need. The amount of stress we face on a day to day basis is baffling, and it's a travesty that we don't get to relax as much as we need. 

Mysore has been no doubt but an awesome and popular weekend getaway from Bangalore. As kids, when we visited Mysore, the no. of things we could explore was amazing and was never-ending. The traditional architecture that exists there is amazing. 


Silent Shores Resort and Spa, Mysore is a beautiful destination to embrace your inner beauty and mix up with the comfort of the landscape. It offers refined luxurious living and also serene environments, situated within the woods.


The Spa facilities with the hauntingly beautiful silence within are what you need to turn that stress and make it into a relaxation agent. 


This beautiful spa and resort are located just 135 km from Bangalore. The resort is close to a calm lake and serene environment to offer you a wonderful view that is unimaginable. 

A Hill View




Every city has a famous mountain range or a viewpoint at a high point which is the main attraction for all tourists to visit. It is quite mesmerizing that after all these years, humans endeavour to witness the wonderful views from atop the hills.

The Hills, Sakleshpur is an authentic and romantic staycation opportunity that will give you the feels for the mountains. This wonderful town is considered one of the beautiful getaways from Bangalore. The Hill is located in a beautiful area and it offers a mesmerizing view of the Sahyadri Mountains. It is located almost 221 km away from Bangalore, nestled amidst the Western Ghats and offers a dense forest, scenic beauty and calming ambience that makes it the best choice for a weekend trip next to Bangalore.

This staycation is best suited for you and your better half. The romantic weather, spectacular views, and peaceful surroundings. Reminisce the feelings of unison from when you first met. Go on a nature walk, trekking or sit around the campfire to strengthen those feelings. Bangalore has a busy and fast life, it's good to take a break sometimes.

A Relaxing experience




We've been introducing you to treasures within the jungle and romanticising spots around and away from Bangalore. These staycations may give you what you need and a new experience but sometimes, you just need to disconnect from everything and give your body some relaxation. 

Finally, it will be time to shut your eyes and snuggle under a blanket at a fine establishment. If relaxation is one of the top priorities on your bucket list with your romantic partner, then Goldfinch Retreat is a great choice for you. This resort may be the best choice because it is a designated area to give you relaxing vibes. 


The warm hospitality coupled with calming environments makes Goldfinch resort a comfortable stay. It offers the latest technological advancements and comforting mechanisms. 


The best part is that out of all the staycations next to Bangalore on the list this one is the closest. It's just 27 km away from Bangalore city. Spend some time in the pool, share some champagne in the swimming pool with your significant other and bask in the wonderful aura that the resort has to offer. Don't wait, just embark on a staycation of a lifetime.

The Cozy Story


A staycation is sometimes needed, guys!! I mean there is only one life. The world is a big place, and to not explore is and should not be acceptable to you. Someone once said that time waits for none. It is free to use but is priceless. We don't know how long we're going to live so it's best to make the best out of special moments and create a wonderful experience on the way of life. 


Life is always going to be busy, work never ends but it accumulates. It's easy to get lost within the paperwork of life, but you need to know when and where to evade it and go on a staycation with your family or significant other. We hope these will give a clear picture of what you have to do!!! We've got more stuff on the way so stay cozy and stay breezy


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