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Best Biryani Places That Bangalore Has to Offer

April 1, 2022
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The aroma, the crispy yet soft texture of the rice glazed with delicious curry and chicken pieces to gorge into, Biryani is one of the best things to have been ever made. Wherever I go, I'm surprised by the different biryanis that are available. It is amazing and unbelievable what this concoction of rice and chicken can do to the human psyche. 


Imagine that you've had a pretty destructive day at the office, you might've had a pretty bad break up with your partner or even just had an off day. At these times, I would like to recollect a certain phrase one of my colleagues had said. "Food is something that gives us instant happiness". I never looked at things that way but, after that sentence whenever I had any food, Biryani spoke to me in ways that I never imagined. The taste, the blend of spices and the varieties of the crispiness of the rice all lay down a wonderful aspect of life. 


Bangalore is a place that truly upholds the art of Biryani making. The varieties of biryani available here are just mesmerizing and will leave you wanting more. So let's dive into some great biryani joints where you can experience the mesmerizing flavours of biryani.


Ambur Star Biryani, BTM:

Ambur star


This famous biryani chain is located at the BTM outpost and serves as the city's most memorable dining experience. It serves its customers with a variety of Biryani delights and also allures people with its mesmerizing ambience. The perfect blend of taste and class for customers.


This beautiful place offers one of the best Prawns Biryanis available, and of course, the chicken biryani is one of the signature dishes of Ambur Star Biryani. 


The restaurant serves a bowl of flavourful rice, filled to the brim with aroma, spice and love and of course along with the juiciest chicken that you can imagine. 


The restaurant serves a generous portion, which you can share with your family and friends. You better book a cab because you will be filled to the brim with delicious Biryani, that is a guarantee.


Signature Dishes: Customers are treated to special signature chicken Biryani, chicken 65 Biryani and prawns Biryani.


Location: The restaurant is located at the address Ground Floor, Opp Forum Mall, Bhuvanappa Layout, BTM, Bangalore.


Paradise, Indiranagar:


Paradise IndiraNagar

Paradise is one name that resonates with a wide population. It is quite famous for the blend of quality Biryani you serve. If you are on the search for exquisite Biryani, then Paradise restaurant in Indiranagar is the place for you. 


As the name suggests, this restaurant has been in the hearts of people for generations and decades thereby creating history in serving mind blowing Biryanis. Their repertoire of dishes might be slim but, the dishes they serve are top-notch. 


The restaurant is located on Richmond Road, and it is usually a hit with students. The place gets a swarm of students all the time, and of course, the Biryani is equally pocket friendly, so it's become a huge hit amongst people. So whenever you're in Bangalore and craving for a Biryani, this is one place that you can try out.


Signature Dishes: The restaurant offers delicious Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Mirch Ka Salan and Juicy Chicken Tikka.


Location: This unique restaurant is located at 484, Signature Square, CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


Gundappa Donne Biryani, St. Marks Road: