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Best Adventure Sports in Bangalore

Feb. 22, 2022
4 min

Do you live in Bangalore? If yes, as you know, you are living in one of the worlds best tech cities. And also, you may know that Bangalore does have many party spots such as the best restaurants and pubs. But did you know that Bangalore city has many adventurous places where you can spend time with your friends while having utmost fun.


If not, stick to the end as we unfold some terrific adventurous spots for everyone. When you hear adventurous, don't be afraid. Some of these spots are less adventurous and best for beginners and faint-hearted, while others are more adventurous. 

Anyway, let's visit all these spots one by one without wasting time.


1. Micro flight flying in Jakkur Airfield:


If you are in Bangalore, just try this right away. You can fly a two-seater plane along with a pilot. When you are on the aircraft, you can enjoy the entire beauty of the green city of India. 

To add to the awesomeness, the pilot will let you turn the plane, and you can increase or decrease the altitude. 


I bet you will not miss this amazing adventure when you are in Bangalore. Even though the pricing is higher, the experience is unmatched.




22 km from Bangalore airport

15 km from Bangalore city railway station




3000 INR - 5000 INR depending on the operator and duration

2. Bungee Jumping:


Bungee Jumping is truly for high adventure lovers, not people with a faint heart. Bungee jumping may appear scary, the ones who experience it claim it as a lifetime experience. So if you are in Bangalore, you can try it once. There are many security measures in place, and people with pregnancy, children and people with certain health conditions will not be allowed there.


Location: Numerous locations in Bangalore


Pricing: 400 INR - 500 INR


3. Jungle Safari in Bannerghatta National Park:


We all have curiosity about wild animals because we can't domesticate them or go and visit them in the jungle as we like. However, the officials of Bannerghatta national park have made our dream come true by arranging a jungle safari. 


You can see lions, tigers, bears, and a few other animals very close to you in this safari. I hope this is the best chance to see these wild animals up close while alive. 




60 km from Bengaluru international airport

25 km from Shivajinagar Bus stand

28 km from Kempegowda bus stand / Bangalore city railway station




The tariffs will start from 3500. However, you can see all the package options and choose what you want from their site.