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Beaches Next to Bangalore for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Dec. 23, 2021
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It's pretty much time to hit the road and end up where the road takes you. The office pressure, studies or a concoction of both can put you in a crazy state of mind. Your mental juices might be drained and it might be in a state that can't be used anymore, well at least for a while. This is the time you need to recharge your body with some happy memories.


Beachside destinations are always a fun getaway experience, and Bangalore being in the South, offers a plethora of options for visiting a beachside resort and chilling with two beers in hand. You might witness all that tension melt away as you sip down some pina colada and swim in the mighty ocean. You could eat exotic fish or dance with interesting people at a pub. The weekend possibilities are limitless and, we can't wait to show you some cool places next to Bangalore where you can visit for a beach vacay session.


Exquisite Beaches around Bangalore


We know that it's not a matter of time until the work pressure catches up with you. Our suggestion would be to gulp down some good memories rather than to lose your hair worrying about a presentation you might have the next day. It's about time you got a break. 


1. Historically breathtaking Pondicherry




In many ways, Pondicherry has been a place of elegance for many. For years it has been known as a wonderful beachside destination. Much more peaceful than the crowded Goa and, of course, a romantic destination indeed. 


Pondicherry is a haven hosting the gorgeousness of French and Indian history, as well as breathtaking people on the beachside as well. Now known as Puducherry, it is one of the destinations to visit with your loved ones. 


Bask in the glorious sunsets, with your girl in one hand and a glass of pina colada on the beachside, reminiscing on past romantic endeavours. The attractions offered by Pondicherry include Auroville Beach, Rock Beach, Mahe Beach and Serenity Beach, and that calls for a romantic weekend. As I write this blog, it's not a bad idea to pack for Pondicherry pronto. If you're looking for a romantic beachside vacay, then Pondicherry is the place for you. 


2. Mesmerizing Gokarna Beaches




This is a must in the list of top pics for a leisurely visit to the beach. It is one of the most preferred beach locations by tourists and is located in the Southern region of India  -Gokarna falls in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Its robust and rustic beauty attracts a lot of tourists every year. This beautiful city is host to a variety of beaches that will surely make you mesmerized and will make you fall in love with the sandy beauties all over again. Out of the famous beaches to visit, the list includes Om Beach, Paradise Beach, Kudle Beach and Gokarna Beach. To get out of the city and enjoy a serene and secluded beach vacay experience, this is the one for you. Unwind and let your worries float on the sea.


Goa!!! How could we forget this gem???