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Bangalore to Goa road trip - The Journey of 3 Unique Paths

Jan. 27, 2023
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A dream for many, and once you reach there, the night goes by in just a snap. With the fun, the excitement, and the reasonable prices of alcohol, the whole place is welcoming. 


As college students, we had dreams of visiting this place. Hanging out with friends, dancing all night, going to concerts and experiencing water sports like never before. 


Living in Bangalore, you need some time off from the busy faced paced life, Lying on the beach with a beer in hand, looking at the open beach. That sounds relaxing, doesn't it?


Well, first of all, we've got to plan out the route to reach there. Each route will signify what kind of journey you wish to explore. The sights to see on the way and the mode of travel will set your mood for the trip. So without further adieu, let's begin!!


Route 1 -The Belgaum Route:


So let's begin with the first route. This route goes through 


Nelamangala - Tumkur - Chitradurga - Belgaum - Chorla Ghat - Panaji


This one is the scenic route. If you're a nature lover and want to explore the woodland areas of India, then this is the route for you. Riding through the forest trails, seeing animals on the way, and the incredibly fresh air will spruce up your mood and get you in touch with your inner self.


This route is blessed with the allure of green nature and a canopy of trees, waterfalls, cavers and several forts. 


The duration of the trip is approximately 11 hours, but a journey is to be enjoyed, and you should stop at several spots to bask in the glory of mother nature. 


Here are a few stops to take on the route:


Surla Waterfalls:


Every time we travel it always seems to see a rushing waterfall, but Surla waterfalls are a sight to see. While you are driving through this route it's a good idea to take a break, have some tea and enjoy the view of Surla waterfalls. 


The pleasant surroundings will put you in a romantic and fun mood. Dip your feet in the pure and rejuvenating water to get your sense of calm for the long drive that awaits. 


If you're a bit more adventurous than usual, this is a good trekking spot as well. So travel into the depths of the forests and experience the magic that these waterfalls have to offer.


Belgaum Fort:


The Belgaum fort is one of the Indian historical marvels, and this route will enable you to view this amazing location. Gather your friends and family, admire the splendid architecture and travel to the historical days of Belgaum.


Arvalem Caves/ Pandava Caves:


Our grandmas have narrated the stories of the Pandavas ever since we could speak. It was quite interesting then, and when you have a chance to see the caves from the stories, it will be much more exciting. 


This rock formation cave dates back to the 6th century BC and is a mesmerising sight to see. These are one of the hidden gems of Goa and you cannot miss them.