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Awesome Resorts Near Bangalore for a Relaxing Day Outing

Feb. 23, 2022
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Bangalore is a mesmerizing place for hanging out with your friends, for working and also, if you have plans for the future, making it a perfect home for you. The opportunities, the innovative technologies and the comfort this city offers is nothing like you've ever imagined. 


However, there are those certain days when you feel like stuff is tumbling down the stairs, you don't know who you are anymore or you feel like you are losing touch with your family. It's a quite natural process of our brain and there are certain factors that we can't control.  Well, we're here to tell you that it's quite normal in this fast-paced living situation. What you need my friend is a day out. A day outing to change your perspective, to bring back your sanity and, just to have fun with your family. 


Here's a list of unique and trending resorts for you to have a day outing. Let's go!!


The Perfect Resorts For a Day Outing:


You might be short of time because of work or because of other commitments but let me tell you something. There are places close to Bangalore but away from the city to revel in and relax just for a short period of time.


Oak Tavern - Escape the Concrete Jungle:


If you're a little bit like us, we love cozy stays and this resort is one that offers the most tranquil getaway experiences that you can possibly avail. Get away from the hassles of city life and revel in the relaxing resort and experiences it has to offer. This resort offers a unique relaxation experience that is jam-packed with surprises in every nook and corner of the property. It is nothing short of luxury.


This resort specializes in offering team building events, luxury retreats, and also brainstorming sessions for your new endeavours. It is an all-around relaxing area built to cater to your every need.


This wonderful establishment is located 3 km from Whitefield and offers an overnight rate as well as a day trip rate. So whichever package you want, they've got you covered.


Camp Solur - A Nature Retreat for Your Soul:


A car ride through the open road, wind flowing through your hair, the sunrays kissing your face, and the fresh embrace of the scent of Mangoes. Yes, we cannot represent this place any better. 


Almost 50km from the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, Camp Solur resides and is a nurturing haven for tourists and Bangaloreans. Remember the mangoes I talked about, well this place is Nestled within the fresh mango farms of Solur and it provides one of the best getaways. Just relax, from the busy sounds of the city, and recuperate at this wonderful establishment. 


Go with friends or family to this place, and the ambience of the place promises a seamless experience. If you thought the serenity of the area was exciting, here's something for you and you're a friend. You could either swim and race your friends or pick a paintball gun and paint them black and blue. Pick your favourite!!


Camp Solur offers an attractive day outing price as well as overnight prices. It also offers a plethora of activities to indulge you, your family and friends.


So what are you waiting for, get going?

Nature's calling!!