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An Amazing Monsoon - Best places to visit in Karnataka

July 14, 2022
5 Minutes

South India is quite beautiful from the perspective of a tourist and the reason for that, we believe, is because of the luscious greenery. The lush green forest, the forest arched roads, and the wonderful noises emanating from the woods are all enticing factors of why it's a wonderful place to visit. 


The monsoons, the dark clouds, and rain droplets pouring down on your window. Doesn't it smell of nostalgia?


As kids, when a Saturday approaches and it was pouring rain, the whole day you could relax, have hot chocolate and watch your favourite cartoons. Well, that's how it was for us.


The Karnataka weather in July is humid yet, it is anticipating the wonderful monsoon seasons. The coasts and southern regions of Karnataka receive higher rainfall than usual during the monsoons. 


Even if it's raining, why put out your plans for spending a good holiday with friends and family? 


Through this blog, we'll help you out with planning an itinerary for this monsoon season through Karnataka. Without further adieu, let's begin!!