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Amusement And Water Parks - Best Ones To Visit This Summer Vacation in Bangalore

April 12, 2022
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The sensation of thrill, fun and bonding is one that cannot be found easily, but water parks are one way to experience this. We go through life with much stress and issues, so  it might be a good thing to take a break once in a while and just let loose. 


In a city like Bangalore, it is next to impossible to get out of the office at a decent time. The week goes by quickly, but we don't experience it that way. You might get stressed, flabbergasted or even flummoxed by the amount of workload. Well, let us tell you something. Work isn't everything, sometimes you need to let loose and enjoy. Water parks are a great idea for just doing that. 


As kids, we might've visited an amusement or water park either on school trips, trips with our parents or even with friends. The thrill and excitement you have on the roller coaster, the refreshing and breathtaking feeling when you put your leg into the wave pool, or the wind in your hair when you swish and speed through a water slide are immeasurable and those priceless memories are what stay with us till the end of our days.


So you do your part by planning a trip to an amusement or water park, and through this blog, we'll guide you about the best ones you can visit in Bangalore. So without further adieu, let's dive in (literally!!) to the best amusement and water parks that Bangalore has to offer. 




Wonderla has been one of the oldest and most profound waterparks not just in Bangalore but in India. Here's a fun fact you didn't know about wonderla. It first set its root in the quaint but no ? Kochi, Kerala, and went by the name Veegaland. It was famous for its one of a kind and astounding rides, wave pools and technological advancement in an era when these things didn't even flourish. It was a fun time for the family as well as for the whole group of friends. 


Wonderla, Bangalore is not so different and does not limit the fun in any way. It is jam packed with thrilling water rides and an attached amusement park. Following the trends of separating water parks into water-based and land-based attractions, wonderla does a good job to allow the fun-filled travellers to enjoy the games and fun rides without getting into the water. 


The Amusement park offers a whopping sixty exhilarating and fantastic water rides that include some main attractions like the Jungle Lagoon, Boomerang, Harakiri, wave pools and so much more. 


This unique park has a number of kid-safe rides as well such as the magic mushroom, mini Venice, jumping frog and high thrill rides like the Equinox, Hurricane, Y Scream and the Drop Zone. So there are things for the crazy person within!!!!


Wonderla goes a step ahead and includes virtual reality with its state of the art technologies and provides one of the biggest, loudest and craziest water parks in Bangalore. 


Location: This unique water park is located at Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 


Timings: The timings for the place is as follows:


Water rides - 12:30 PM - 5 PM

Land Rides - 10:30 AM - 6 pM


Before leaving, make an itinerary of the timings, rides to go on and just let loose. 


Lumbini Water Park:

Lumbini Water Park

Lumbini water park is special to Bangaloreans because it culminates and represents the essence of Bangalore. The water park has an aesthetic that accommodates the serene environment and nature along with the fun and thrilling water ride. 


Lumbini Water Park is tucked away amidst the serene nature, on the banks of Nagawara Lake, where Lumbini Gardens is located. That is also a public park adjoining the water park. Running beside the lake for 1.5 m, this unique water park has a lakefront sitting area to bask in the battery, pedal boating to experience the beauty a bit more up close and safe and exciting rife for the little funs. This water park has hit all the right spots and caters to a wider audience. 


One of the main attractions of the Lumbini Garden is the wave pool. It has some radical and fun water rides. So don't miss out on that. Along with that, it has a beautiful and aesthetically decorated floating restaurant that serves North and South Indian dishes. 


Location: The Amusement park is located at Nagawara Lake, Outer Ring Rd, Nagavar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 


Timings: The timings are from 11 am to 7 pm.


GRS Fantasy park: