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A Trek to Remember - Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore

April 13, 2022
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I think it was just yesterday when my own roommate was talking about going for the weekend with their friends for a trip. They weren't sure of where to go because Bangalore has a lot of stuff to offer. The pubs, the wonderful resorts and the jungles that call forth to experience nature. Of course, how can I forget the wonderful movies that are releasing as we speak? 


As the pandemic is almost reeling its teeth out of the country, we have to actively travel, and it is a must if you ask me. 


Bangalore might be a great city, but that's not all it has going for it. It has so much more potential surrounding its roots, and hence we are here to show you the roots. 


Trekking is a wonderful activity that is available in the outskirts, in and around Bangalore as well, so we hope this blog will help you out to endeavour to visit the best of the best trekking places to visit near Bangalore.


So without further Ado, let's go on this trek already!!


Nandi Hills:

Nandi Hills

This one has popped up in each one of our lists, may it be a weekend getaway, a one day trip or even a friend's trip. The Nandi Hills are Bangalore's pride and glory, and we don't have any reason to prove it is not. So first on our list is Nandi hills which were also Tipu Sultan's Cozy Summer Abode. 


This exotic destination is known vividly for offering a mesmerising sunset view. The trekk that leads to the sunset is as breathtaking as the sunrise itself.


This vivid structure that was the pride and glory of Tipu Sultan can be explored after a rib-tickling climb of 1200 steps. We don't want to spoil anything but, you should definitely look forward to the famous rock known as Tipu's Drop. The stunning views of Amrita Sarovar are also a highlight of this wondrous destination. 


So ladies and gentlemen, pack your bags for one heck of a trip to Bangalore's very own Nandi Hills. 




If it's a challenge you're looking for then this is the perfect trekking destination for you. At a distance of almost 75km away from Bangalore, this might have to be one of the most difficult trekking propositions around Bangalore with a lot of greenery. 


The serene views of Makalidurga are breathtaking and one to live for. If you are at all interested in clicking some awesome and beautiful pictures, then this route is the best one you can think of. The wonderful picturesque views, the mesmerising scent of the land and also a view as beautiful as the girl you're crushing on (Lol!!), well it's just that good. 


Along with this, you can explore the surrounding forests and the Lord Krishna temple at its foothills as well. The site ruins are also one to view and revel in, and it attracts several trekkers every year.