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Best Offbeat Places To Visit in Bangalore

Dec. 22, 2021
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It's the last month of the year 2021. December has arrived and we are awaiting the Christmas season. The chilly weather brisking through your hair, the smell of Christmas cuisine filling the aesthetic lanes of Bangalore, and also preparations for a merry time.  


The past year has been hard, but it got a little bit better than 2020. We made a lot of trips to several spots, enjoyed some laughs with our friends and family, and it's pretty much time to go back to the new normal.


Even with Covid 19 afoot and some minor restrictions in place, it should definitely not stop you from finding your special place. We know going out of the State isn't an easy task with all these restrictions, but visiting a few hidden gems within Bangalore doesn't sound bad, right? 


It's time to get going on a wonderful trip to reminisce and live in the wonderful times of 2021. 2022 is just around the corner, so why not make an end of the year with a bang. Here are a few of our picks for unexplored and uncharted lands next to Bangalore. Here we go!!


Offbeat and Serene Areas Near Bangalore


It's not every day you get to explore serene and tropical locations next to Bangalore. It's time to pack those bags and explore the unexplored. 


1. Gandikota




As someone who has experienced trekking a lot, we can definitely say that this is the place for you. The sun sinking its rays into your face, the wind blowing on your hair, and the sights to see from atop the canyon. It's a treat indeed. Gandikota is a canyon situated on the right bank of Pennar and can be considered one of the most offbeat places next to Bangalore. The main attraction over there consists of a fort made of red stones and is a true beauty to witness. 


It is situated almost 280 km from Bangalore. It's a road trip you won't forget.


2. Devanahalli Fort




Forts are amazing. The craftsmanship, the impeccable structure and the everlasting beauty is a true testament to the hard work of our ancestors. Devanahalli Fort is a wonderful landmark and has been around for over 5 centuries. 


Most people are aware of the famous Bangalore fort but, they miss out on this spectacle of a fort. This fort is standing on 20 acres of land is ripe with history within. The history behind this fort was that it was constructed in 1501 by the Saluva Dynasty but was in the long run taken over by Hyder Ali. This fort was also famous for a name that has howled through the eras, Tippu Sultan and was considered as his birthplace.


This magnificent fort is situated 37 km from Bangalore and hosts almost 500 years of history within. It is a treat to visit this fort, so don't miss a chance. 


3. The Jakkur Aerodrome