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Best Family Resorts To Stay at When You’re in Bangalore

Dec. 21, 2021
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It's that time of the year!!! Christmas is around the corner, Santa's setting up his carriage with gifts, and the reindeers are getting to make the year merrier than ever. Don't you think Santa would want you to take a vacation from all those crazy workdays? 


Work isn't the only thing that matters. Family does too. A little bit of leisurely time will do you good and take you on a trip of your lifetime. Bangalore offers a bunch of opportunities, party spots, and cuisine from around the world. A little bit far from the buzzing energy of Bangalore are welcoming and breathtaking resorts suited for relaxation and fun. 


Bangalore has a lot to offer, so let us suggest the best and most wonderful resorts for you to visit during the holiday season, with family and friends.


1. Guhantara Resort




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live within a cave?

I know you might have a misconception that living in a cave-like barbarian would make you go crazy but trust me, this is one cave visit where you're going to be relaxed.


Guhantara Resort is an underground cave resort, and it means ' heart of the cave' and promises a comfortable and exhilarating experience. Nestled within the supple surface of the earth's surface this resort is one of a kind in Bangalore and is a golden opportunity for a family outing. You and your family will never forget this trip in their life. 


Offering a blend of luxury and mysteriousness, Guhantara's exotic demeanour is enhanced due to a wonderful and sparkling stream running across the resort's side. The inclusion of a fully equipped lounge bar and multi-cuisine food court is going to fill your hearts and souls with good food and good vibes.


The resort also offers a rejuvenating spa facility to relax your body and a swimming pool to stay fit and have fun. If you do something like this, you need to burn off the calories from the breakfast buffet, if you know what I mean!! Lol!!


This resort is located 33 km from Bangalore and is a destination resort you should not miss.


2. Shilhaandara Resort and the Mountain view


Bangalore at night is like a dream. The yellow lights light up the way, leading to new adventures every day. Well, let us tell you, you need a new kind of adventure, a relaxing one at that. 


Take a drive into the mountains, from the noise and the illumination of Bangalore. The Shilhaandara Resort with natural granite rock formations where you can embrace nature. 


The hills are calling and they're telling you to feast your eyes and embrace the unique ambience. This place is a haven for thrill-seekers and nature lovers and has a blazing list of activities like zip-lining, quad biking, bungee jumping, archery and many more.


This place also hosts a variety of activities in the indoor playing area, and outdoor playing area to enjoy those competitive paintball games with your friends,  or just go bungee jumping and let loose.


This wonderful resort lies off the Magadi - Ramanagara Road and is almost 1.5 hr rides away from Bangalore. Just grab a bike or car, and journey with your special someone to this romantic area.


3. Palm Meadows Club