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21 Best IT Companies in Bangalore to Work for

Dec. 22, 2021
4 min

1. Google:



Google only has four offices in India, one of which is in Bangalore. The company that is the global leader in information technology is unquestionably a good place to work. Google believes that only a relaxed mind can generate innovation and hence provides a stress-free work environment for its employees. When it comes to paying, you already know what they are capable of doing.


2. Infosys :



Infosys, founded in 1981, is the second-largest Indian IT company in terms of revenue.  Infosys is headquartered in Bangalore and regarded, one of the best places to work. In comparison to industry standards, the company's pay scale is adequate. If you demonstrate your talent, you will be given more onsite opportunities. No worries, they've had the best training programs in place for their employees to help them become the company's future leaders. Infosys provides an excellent work-life balance by allowing its employees to work from home 9 days per month.


3. Wipro:



Wipro began as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oils before becoming the country's leading IT organization under Azim Premji's reign. Wipro is India's ninth-largest employer. An employee opportunity at Wipro will provide you with the opportunity to learn and experiment with your skills for the rest of your life. Wipro is one of those companies that retain employees by providing technical training that helps them advance their skills.


4. Accenture: