Where Our

Story Begins

Away from home, in the big city bucket full of dreams, we feel you. We
too felt lost in the noise of the new city, struggling to find the perfect nest.
Finding a place like home in a big city can be an arduous task.The hunt for an
ideal co-living space with the right people and right people and the best facilities can be exhausting and tiresome.That is why we invented Cozy Stay to create the
perfect nestle where you'll feel the care like your mother.

A Place Where

Our Heart


Home is not a place, it is a feeling. The feeling that we are striving to create, by bringing you the best world-class living experience, with tech-enabled, service-led dwelling space, where you will feel the warmth of home and the love of your family. By designing your dream space, we want to inspire you to follow your dreams.

Build With

Love and Dreams

The Twenties are a turning point for so many of us. The time we leave our nest, following our dreams, moving into the cities. The place we reside in holds an influential part in our lives. Cozy Stay is a venture commenced in 2020 by a team of dream makers with the goal of creating a dreamy dwelling experience that you deserve.

Cozy Stay is a comfort haven designed for you to come back after having a long day, where you will feel the warmth of home. With our set up base in Bangalore, cozy is transforming the lives of youngsters.







Our Dream

Our dream is to disrupt the old and obsolete way of living in cities by providing a co-living space for college students and young professionals, where they can feel comfort and solace of their own home at a reasonable cost.

Our Pact

We are committed to delivering smart co-living spaces crafted with advanced technology to offer a hassle-free stay, that fits the pockets of our guests, along with an array of amenities.

Live Your Dream With Us